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Daniel Fonseca daniel at
Tue Apr 14 15:14:57 GMT 1998

On Wed, 15 Apr 1998, Dana Canfield wrote:

> After a little experimentation and extrapolating from some Win '95 related
> messages on the regular
> list, I think I've determined that Windows NT's "automatic" policy mode
> does not work with Samba.
> I don't quite understand this, because according to MS's guides, the
> Automatic mode just looks in \\PDC\NETLOGON\NTconfig.pol for the policy.
> However, when you switch to manual mode (e.g., pre-hack the registry) and
> specify this path, all is well.  Go figure.  My only guess is that maybe
> it has something to do with case-sensitivity, but I tried every reasonable
> variation of case as well.  Is this worth listing as a bug?  If for no
> other reason than to keep others from wasting an entire day trying to
> figure this out?

I'm sorry to contradict you, but I'm currently developing a (hopefully)
stable environment in that way. My trick is this. I rehearse in one NT
with local admin rights and poledit. In poledit I save the experimented
policy as NTconfig.pol (case is important - it saves the file as
NTconfig.POL by default) then I put this file in the PDC's netlogon share
And every user gets those pre-defined settings! Fantastic!

Of course, every workstation (default) has Automatic update in their Local
Machine Registry. If only manual works for you, maybe you don't have
automatic at all. Let me just explain the "colors" of the check
boxes in poledit:
White box means: "No" and Clear the setting if it was "yes"
Grey box means: Leave it as it is in the original setting
Checked box: definitely "yes"

So, my guess is that (maybe) what you think to have as automatic is really
greyed and it doesn't update at all; when you switch to manual, of course 
it should work.

Hope to help,


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