Johan Meiring jjm at
Tue Apr 14 09:00:26 GMT 1998

Are you sure that the NT server is seeing the policy?  remember that the
policy need only be applied once to the machine.  After that the machine
will stay looking like that.  It will only need to see the policy
(ntconfig.pol) file again when you make a change to it, in order to see the

>I've developed a rather odd problem.  I have Samba with NTDOM installed
>and configured as a PDC, and three test machines.  One is an NT Server,
>configured as standalone, and logging into my UINDY PDC.  The other two
>are NTWorkstation, once again setup to log into the UINDY PDC.  All
>systems have Service Pack 3 installed.  I've created a system policy
>called NTCONFIG.POL and a batch file called LOGIN.BAT, both stored in
>the NETLOGON share.

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