Diabling Profile Caching on NT4.x (fwd)

Gerald W. Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Mon Apr 13 15:38:40 GMT 1998

Daniel Fonseca wrote:
> The problem is that, still, NT downloads the profile and except for it
> being mandatory, it has no regard for disk quotas in the linux box
> (every writing in the desktop is actually to the "C drive", for
> example) and only when the profile should be updated the quotas have
> effect (efective writing in the "H drive" or whatever), possibly
> failing due to quota exceeding, and (haven't tried it) upon failing of
> the update of the roaming profile, since NT does not cache it, maybe
> some data loss happens here (files in the Desktop, etc.) ?

NT does cache the local profiles even if you set the previously listed
registry key.  I just sent another message to the list about this.

> My problem is that I'd like to give users non-mandatory profiles but
> have them use always their home drive (H: in this case), instead of
> them writing on the C drive as is the case of their profile (desktop,
> etc.).
> I do this in Win 95 by policies specifying their desktop to be
> h:\desktop and so forth for the Start Menu, etc.

Haven't tried this but look at 

	Local User -> Windows NT Shell -> Custom folders

in the policy editor.  They currently default to %USERPROFILE%\...

> Can anyone do such a thing in Win NT?

Hope this helps,
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