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Mon Apr 13 15:38:42 GMT 1998


I have looked at your document. In my notations I used %SystemRoot% in the
path for a Windows NT machine. The reason is that if you run at a command
prompt interface:
	echo %SystemRoot%
it will ALWAYS return the install tree root of the currently active
Windows NT installation. Since MS Windows users tend to install into
any non-standard locations or even have mulitple Windows NT installations
on one machine this is an important qualifier.

The equivalent shorthand for Windows 95 is %Windir%.

Also, I too had intended to revamp the document significantly. It needs to
document the exact steps that a login process takes for both Windows 95
and for Windows NT. I think it may be best to deal with the two cases,
Windows 9x and Windows NT logins entirely seperately. Also, it is possible
to have a common profile for Windows 9x and for Windows NT - but Microsoft
very strongly recommend against it.

Self deletion of Windows NT Roaming (Roving) profiles should be handled
via use of the System Policy Editor and put into the NTConfig.Pol file.
Please note that the Policy filename can be case sensitive (unconfirmed
reports). Windows NT Server comes with the System Policy Editor. In the
case of Windows 9x the policy editor needs to be loaded from the CDRom and
can be installed using "Control Panel"/"Add-Remove Software"/"Windows
Setup", then "Have Disk", then point to the CDRom:\Admin\AppTools\Poledit.

Please keep up the good work. Do complete what you have started. And above
all - do contribute it. I will look at it some more over the next few days
and will suggest more ammendments. Hope you see this through - people will
love you for it! (;-)

John H Terpstra - Samba-Team

On Tue, 14 Apr 1998, Johan Meiring wrote:

> Hi,
> I have read numerous messages about roaming profiles and a few messages
> about a new profiles.txt.
> I have read though it and I think that it could do with a bit of organising
> :-).  I rewrote the document completely and tried to include as much detail
> as possible.
> I didn't include it here as it is quite long.  It can be seen at:
> Comments?
> Use it as you please by including it in the distribution, screaming at me, 
> whatever you fancy?
> Thanks for an excellent product called samba
> Johan Meiring

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