Diabling Profile Caching on NT4.x (fwd)

Daniel Fonseca daniel at med.up.pt
Mon Apr 13 14:07:23 GMT 1998

On Mon, 13 Apr 1998, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:

> When a user with a roaming profile logs off a workstation, a
> copy of the profile is cached on the local hard drive. If
> other persons with roaming
> profiles use that workstation, disk space is being consumed
> to keep these cached profiles. To configure so that roaming
> profiles are not cached,
> edit:
> NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
> Edit or add value DeleteRoamingCache as type REG_DWORD. Set
> it to 1.=20

Since profiles are so "en vogue", I'll mention this little problem arouses
to me:

Ok, so I can tell Win NT to delete profiles (not cache them) which is a
nice thing when some 200/300 students share the same PC's.

The problem is that, still, NT downloads the profile and except for it
being mandatory, it has no regard for disk quotas in the linux box (every
writing in the desktop is actually to the "C drive", for example) and only
when the profile should be updated the quotas have effect (efective
writing in the "H drive" or whatever), possibly failing due to quota
exceeding, and (haven't tried it) upon failing of the update of the
roaming profile, since NT does not cache it, maybe some data loss happens
here (files in the Desktop, etc.) ?

My problem is that I'd like to give users non-mandatory profiles but have
them use always their home drive (H: in this case), instead of them
writing on the C drive as is the case of their profile (desktop, etc.).

I do this in Win 95 by policies specifying their desktop to be h:\desktop
and so forth for the Start Menu, etc.

Can anyone do such a thing in Win NT?



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