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>From tip 106 at my NT Tips, Tricks and Registry Hacks at

106 =BB Roaming profiles consume disk space.

When a user with a roaming profile logs off a workstation, a
copy of the profile is cached on the local hard drive. If
other persons with roaming
profiles use that workstation, disk space is being consumed
to keep these cached profiles. To configure so that roaming
profiles are not cached,


Edit or add value DeleteRoamingCache as type REG_DWORD. Set
it to 1.=20

J.A. Terranson wrote:
> For further information regarding this posting, please refer to the pos=
t by
> PETER BRUNDRETT on 2 April..
> We are running a heterogeneous network consisting of NT4/SP3++ PDC/BDC =
> several NT4S-SP3++ "Workstations" in addition to a large (and diverse) =
> of *nix boxen on our LAN, so we noted with great interest the above pos=
> on how to disable caching by the NT nodes here.  As posted, the key
>         HKLM\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon shoul=
d have REG_SZ
> entry of 0
> to disable local caching of user profiles by NT workstations.  We have
> implemented this registry change, and then deleted all locally cached
> profiles, but it does not work.
> Is this feature overridden by Roaming Profiles (as ALL of our NT4 profi=
> are)???  Assuming that my reading of the prior thread is correct, this =
> NOT be the case.
> All our boxen are NT4 Server, SP3 plus all relevant hotfixes thru 1 Feb=
> (basically everything except LMFIX, the Zipdrive thing, and the 2gb RAM=
> J.A. Terranson
> sysadmin at mfn.org

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