A question about NT Domains

Paul Leach paulle at microsoft.com
Fri Apr 10 17:09:43 GMT 1998

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> On Thu, 9 Apr 1998, Paul Leach wrote:
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> > I don't understand this. USER.DAT will be a different file 
> for different
> > users. I think that what you say should only happen is a 
> second user comes
> > along and uses the same account as the first.
> ah, then i need to explain better.  two or more users have identical
> profiles.  say only one user installs a program which adds 
> additional keys
> into the registry.  those keys, as i understand it, will 
> *not* be removed
> from HKEY_LOCAL_USER when subsequent users log in.

I don't think so. HKEY_LOCAL_USER is a built in handle to the registry tree
in one and only one user's USER.DAT -- changes to one user don't affect
another user.

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