A question about NT Domains

Wolfgang Ratzka ratzka at HRZ.Uni-Marburg.DE
Fri Apr 10 08:47:03 GMT 1998

Ed Bradford wrote:
> My understanding  is that applications (Netscape, IE, etc) are supposed to
> install all the default settings into the
> "default user" profile. Then when IE executes for the first time, it copies all

Basicly no. The Default User profile (especially it's registry hive NTUser.DAT)
is not that easily accessible. It is only used when a new user who does not have
a profile yet, logs into the system for the first time (or anytime a member of the
GUEST groups logs into the system). The DEFAULT branch visible under HKEY_USERS 
is not related to the Default User profile.

> the default user settings into a new location for the new user (in the user's
> profile). When the user subsequently modifies stuff it is saved in the user's
> profile, not the default user's profile. Those are the Microsoft
> recommendations. Policy can override by disallowing a save operation. Paul, of
> course, will correct me if I am wrong.

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