A question about NT Domains

Ed Bradford egb at us.ibm.com
Thu Apr 9 21:59:14 GMT 1998

My understanding  is that applications (Netscape, IE, etc) are supposed to
install all the default settings into the
"default user" profile. Then when IE executes for the first time, it copies all
the default user settings into a new location for the new user (in the user's
profile). When the user subsequently modifies stuff it is saved in the user's
profile, not the default user's profile. Those are the Microsoft
recommendations. Policy can override by disallowing a save operation. Paul, of
course, will correct me if I am wrong.

Ed Bradford
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> > Both NT and Win95 support serial reuse (many users, just
> one at a time)
> > pretty well (in my obviously biased opinion -- is that
> IMOBO?). All the
> um... not quite.  firstly.
> microsoft products, in my experience (internet destroyer 4,
> net meeting
> 2.1, outlook express) are very good at sorting out their act
> by storing
> user preferences in the correct place in the registry, such
> that a profile
> actually _is_ a profile.


> is this a failure for microsoft to communicate the user preferences
> capability to developers?

In some cases, e.g. Netscapes, I believe it was a desire to have Nav vary as
little as possible between platforms -- and there is no registry on Unix.

> secondly.
> the registry settings in USER.DAT or NTuser.DAT overwrite the previous
> user's settings, leaving any settings _not_ in the current
> user's profile
> as-is.  what _should_ happen is that the old user's settings should be
> totally wiped out prior to putting the new settings in.
> it is therefore possible for one user to screw up subsequent user's
> settings.

I don't understand this. USER.DAT will be a different file for different
users. I think that what you say should only happen is a second user comes
along and uses the same account as the first.


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