Releasing 0.2 of Samba Linux Networking Guide

Paolo Bizzarri gemelli at
Thu Apr 9 15:18:38 GMT 1998

Hello guys,

I have uploaded version 0.2 of the Samba Linux
Networking Guide to my site.

You can download it from:

The document has got a good feedback, so I will
continue with this work.

This version is still alpha, but it is starting to
improve. Thanks a lot to David Collier-Brown and
Chris Herlet for their comments. I have included
them in this version.

Thanks to everyone has sent me an e-mail on the
guide itself, or has simply downloaded it.

I will start to include documentation on the NTDOM
stuff with the 0.3 version.

Enjoy the reading.




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Scuola Superiore S. Anna        56100 Pisa, Italy
Tel: +39 50 883 450             E-Mail: gemelli at

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