A question about NT Domains

Roger Nichols roger.nichols at scope.com
Wed Apr 8 19:38:00 GMT 1998


>the world of NT domains would imply that I configure both Unix servers
>as separate PDC's in two NT domains (it seems reasonable to me!).
>But our labs can be used by both students and faculty, and I therefore
>need the client NT machines to be able to connect to either domain -
>as far as I can tell this is not possible. Is there in fact any way
>to get a client to belong/connect to more than one domain? Am I
>missing something, or can I add this to my growing list of "Why I
>Hate M$"?

you can only connect to one domain at a time.  you may want to
look into establishing a 'trust relationship' between the two domains.
that will allow users from domain -f- to freely (according to their
permissions of course) roam about domain -s- and vice versa
w/out separate logons.  i do not know if it solves the
logon/authentication problem of which domain to log into.  i am
also unclear if samba supports trust relationships.

you could also force the user to know which domain they are in
and have them specify at the logon screen.  (m/s provides a
utility to clear the last logged in user's info, search for "power
toys" at the ms web site, i think its actually under w95.)

good luck,

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