A question about NT Domains

Paul Leach paulle at microsoft.com
Wed Apr 8 18:33:28 GMT 1998

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> Subject: A question about NT Domains
> I just got the NTDOM branch compiled and working - I can authenticate 
> from an NT client no problem.
> However, our system arrangement is such that we have two Solaris
> servers - one is dedicated to staff/faculty, the other is for 
> students.
> Each class of user only has access to and account info on their 
> particular server. I would therefore assume the logical extension into
> the world of NT domains would imply that I configure both Unix servers
> as separate PDC's in two NT domains (it seems reasonable to me!).
> But our labs can be used by both students and faculty, and I therefore
> need the client NT machines to be able to connect to either domain - 
> as far as I can tell this is not possible. Is there in fact any way
> to get a client to belong/connect to more than one domain? Am I
> missing something, or can I add this to my growing list of "Why I
> Hate M$"?

A workstation doesn't need to belong to both domains in order to access
them. The domains just need to trust one another, so that each one can use
the other one to authenticate that domain's users.

That's assuming that the SAMBA NTDOM stuff implements cross domain trust.


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