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Wed Apr 8 10:30:11 GMT 1998

Seems my daniel at message didn't get posted (listproc to fast
for me ;-)

Anyway, good news: I put up with the desired
sources. I didn't write any credits (no time for that) but put in a small
README file.

Keep up,

Daniel Fonseca - daniel at

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Hi Folks (or you mates, there in Australia ;-)!

Thanks for you feedback on the modified sources. I'll be putting them on a
web site, soon, since there's some requests.

It'll take me some time though, because I'm in the middle of some movings
now (onto SysAdmin for the University of Oporto's Med School - - my third big Samba Installation. If anyone would
like it sooner, I can e-mail them (please use my new e-mail:
daniel at - already sent e-mail to listproc with address update)

If any doubts left or for public clarification, here goes a brief

Eudora E-mail client (the only one I know that works) as an option (Change
Password...) in the Menu "Special".

Eudora does the new password double-check for the client, and when all the
info is collected, knocks on PDC's (must also be the mail server or use
rdist to sync files) port 106 (poppassd) and dumps the info (user, 
oldpass, newpass) - checking the response from the server - and informs
the user accordingly (password changed /not changed).

These sources are modified to cope with samba encryption (using smbpasswd)
and the shadow suite - some hacked poppassd passwd sync.

It's a fine method (not at all secure - for the purists) for clean
password changing, and even simpler than (in W95) going into Control Panel
(which I disabled via registry settings)/ Passwords/ Change Other
Passwords... too many clickings...)

It's more friendly to the client than just telnet to the PDC and having
/usr/bin/passwd as a login shell.

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