New passwd sync option

Daniel Fonseca daniel at
Tue Apr 7 08:57:50 GMT 1998

Hi all,

I was trying the new passwd sync option to change the users's passwords
from the NT workstations but I don't seem to get it to work.

Yes, I compiled with the -DALLOW_CHANGE_PASSWORD.

(* Big note here - In the sources there's a comment refering to this flag
as -DALLOW_PASSWORD_CHANGE which led me into some confusion at first *)

line 33 of chgpasswd.c:
 * This routine is called by set_user_password() in password.c only if
 * is defined in the compiler directives located in the Makefile.

line 54 of chgpasswd.c:

(* Cross-post this to samba-bugs? *)

Yes, I checked the passwd chat option (had to hack and recompile with new
name the passwd program from shadow suite, for it not to be picky with the
passwd program = /usr/local/bin/ch_passwd %u    (Tried %U also)
passwd chat = *\n*Old password* %o\n *New password* %n\n Re-enter new
password* %n\n *changed*

What I found strange was that none of the DEBUG messages in the
chgpasswd.c appeared in the logfiles (Yes, my syslog level was high enough
- tried 3, 20, 50) - nothing.

Also, can you tell me why they say it only works in *some* systems? Does
this have to do with the NT's or the Samba PDC?
I have Slackware 3.4 - kernel 2.0.33 - samba by CVS main branch.
Clients run NT 4 SP3.

I can supply you with all the confs and logs, but didn't think it to be
necessary, due to the explanation presented.

I hope someone can shed some light on the matter, because I won't waste
another day, before I turn to my old clean poppasswd/Eudora way of
changing the passwords for the users.

Let me just state again what wonderfull job you guys are doing, and how
eagger I am to finish these configurations and start helping on the main

Thanx in advance,

\      Daniel Fonseca - daniel at       \ \
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