Domain groups, etc

Martin Atkins martin at
Mon Apr 6 14:52:46 GMT 1998

	I've got a copy of the latest "HEAD" branch of samba running as
a PDC, it seems to work fine... I think, except :-) ...! 

1)	Is there any description of how to set up groups with "domain groups"?
	There is a short description in the NTDOMAIN branch of smb.conf.5
	(BTW: this doesn't appear to have made it to the HEAD branch!) which
	refers to "group ids" - where do these come from? Are they derived from
	the group SID (earlier messages today have pointed out getsid, etc)?
	And how do you say which users are in each group?
	Is there an example smb.conf which contains examples of all the
	PDC stuff?
	(I want my users to be "power users" - otherwise they can do anything

2)	The docs say that "if there is a 20 second delay before the login screen
	appearing, then you might have problems". Well, I have a delay - sometimes -
	but everything else seems to work. do I have a problem, or not? How do I
	know :-) ?

Thanks in advance - Great work guys!


	I saw a previous message where it was asked what exactly "domain admins"
	does. I believe that it makes the user a local admin, since when I turned it
	on, all the files I created were owned by "administrators". Does a network
	admin also have this strange liability?

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