Samba NTDOM under solaris 2.6

heinig heinig at
Mon Apr 6 20:17:47 GMT 1998

Jem Atahan wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have been doing battle with NTDOM on a Solaris 2.6 Sparc 2 for a couple of
> days now. I am using the main CVS branch (which I got initially on Apr 1,
> and refreshed today Apr 6).
> I have followed the NTDOMAIN.txt with the exception of step 3, where I ran
> the command smbpasswd -a -m BUG (the clients name is BUG). Encrypted
> passwords seem to be working fine for simple filesharing.
> When an BUG (NT4 SP3) tries to join the domain, it gets "The machine account
> for this computer either does not exist or is not accessable." I have set
> the debug level to 20 and pored through the results, but I am unable to find
> an obvious error condition. To summarise the machine seems to connect to
> SID=S-1-5-21-123-456-789-123, and one LSA_CLOSE.
> I have not included any logs as they are large, and I am unaware which bits
> are relevant.
> I have not seen any reference to NTDOM working on Solaris, letalone 2.6.
> Should this work? If anyone else has got this combination to work, do they
> have any tips for me?
> Failing that, can anyone make any helpfull suggestions?
> Thanks...

Hi Jem,

Your error message sounds rather familiar: if I translate it into the german (we're running the 
kraut-ised version of NT 4.0 SP3) it sounds like what I got.
I've got a similar set-up to you - Solaris 2.6 on a SPARCstation 20 with NT 4.0 SP3.

Try having a look at your network settings, in particular your netmask. I found that my netmask on 
the Solaris box was set to whereas the NT machine had (which is 
correct). Instead of complaining, NT's networking just behaved rather strangely - sometimes it 
found Samba on the network, sometimes it couldn't be bothered...
When I changed the netmask on the SPARCstation to what it should be (ie. the 
problems went away and we've now got a running configuration with domain logons.

By the way, if I may ask a rude question: you have remembered to add a machine account to your 
smbpasswd file, haven't you? ie.


OK. That's my ha'penny's worth...

Hope it helps


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