Problems finding Domain.

CURRIE KEVIN x7currie at
Fri Apr 3 18:14:45 GMT 1998

> Does the Samba PDC work with machines on the same subnet?  I am using the
> exact same configuration ( Solaris 2.5.1 running on an Ultra and latest
> main cvs branch code ) with no problems.  Can you look at the
> $LOCKDIR/wins.dat files on the Samba pdc and make sure the NT client is
> actually registering with the wins server?

	Unfortunately we did not have any NT machines on that subnet.  We
got everything going though this morning.  I think the big issue was that
there were alignment problems w/ gcc.  When the unix admin used Sun's C
compiler everything took off.  That would tend to explain the garbage we
were getting in the location and comment strings.
	However, we are now having trouble browsing anything other that
the domain that samba is serving.  This is a far less critical problem for
us, but still rather annoying.  Is there any way to samba to go scavenging
across subnets to find other master browsers/wins servers and get their

> Are you using static DNS and WINS server entries on the NT box?  There as
> a KB article I remember about DNS queries repsonding negatively before the
> real response from the PDC is received.  My DNS and WINS server entries
> are assigned via DHCP.

	WINS is static, DNS is bootp.

Thanks for the help...


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