Problems finding Domain.

Kevin Currie x7currie at
Thu Apr 2 23:03:53 GMT 1998

I am having difficulty locating a samba box across campus that is trying to
act as a PDC.  I can map a drive configured in the conf file and that works
fine.  If I try and for a Find Computer from the NT box I can only locate the
Samba server if the drive is mapped.  The samba server is acting as a WINS
server, the NT box is using it as its WINS server.  Also, when I do a Find
Computer the location and comment field have some ASCII garbage after them. 
I am using the lastest CVS code from the main branch.  The IP address of the
server is and the IP of the client is  The OS
of the samba machine is Solaris 2.5.1.
	I have placed a Redhat Linux box (that I have control over) with an IP of running Samba in my lab.  I can map to the the Linux box
okay, but agin I can only "Find" it when a drive is mapped.  Niether of these
computers shows up in the browse list.  When I try and make the Linux box the
PDC I get an error message telling me to have the admin check my computer
account.  When I try to use the Solaris machine I get an error message that I
cannot even find the domain.
	We had thought that there might be some routing issues, but we can browse
other NT and 95 machines around campus so I am pretty sure that ports
137,138, and 139 are not being blocked.
	I am at a loss as to how to remedy any of this and would apprciate as much
information as possible.  If you need logs, anything please specify what I
might need to look for.

Kevin Currie

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