programming question: authenticating to a domain controller

Jens B. Jorgensen jjorgens at
Thu Apr 2 20:45:13 GMT 1998


I'd like to add authentication into my program and I want to
authenticate users to an NT domain controller. I used CVS to get the
latest domain branch of the samba codebase and found that smbclient has
an 'ntlogin' command. I figured if this works I could cut and paste code
into my program. However, this code doesn't work. That is to say,
ntlogin fails to log in. First I needed to add the computer to the
domain, which I did. Even then I got back a wrong user or password
status, ie 'NET_SAMLOGON: NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD'. I tried compiling
with RC4 support (linked against ssleay libs, generated my own 'arcfour'
functions), without, and with DES support (which didn't compile for lack
of a des_encrypt8 function which I couldn't see how to do even using the
ssl des libs). Is this code supposed to work? As a side note, I'm
authenticating to an NT4.0 server machine and although I have enabled
the logging of auth failures (and tested, they do indeed generate
events) I *never* get a message in the event log about the login

Jens B. Jorgensen
jjorgens at

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