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Workstation Maintenance winadmin at osd.fau.edu
Thu Apr 2 17:18:51 GMT 1998

I am extremely interested in the free software concept.  I run a Assistive
Technology (speech output as well as input, large print, etc) computer lab
for students with disabilities at Florida Atlantic University, and we're
running a Linux server with samba.  I am always making sure that when I am
gone who ever replaces me will be able to function ok, and I'm getting the
word that I should probably shut down our server totally, or run an NT
server because no one will be able to run Unix.  Maybe being able to
control a samba PDC from an NT machine (i.e. as close to an NT PDC as
possible including the user management and group management) will help
bridge the gap, and I'm looking forward to testing the code.  I am very
"distressed" at the fact that they'd rather have no server at all, or spend
money on Microsoft when they don't have to, but I can see their point also.
. .  How hard could it be to find a Unix-minded person here - Not that
hard.  The position is not a standing position (would close if I left)
however and does not pay that well, which is where the real problem comes
in.  Sorry for rambling so much folks.
I would be very interested in seeing your webpage Dana,
Thanks, Ivan Fetch
Earlier you wrote:

>In my case, it's because if we bought the Microsoft equivalents of all the
>software we use, we would have to fire several staff members! And specifically
>here, the security
>and roaming profiles that are offered a primary domain controller and NT
>are what administrators have been trying to kludge together in their labs for
>It's off topic, but I am piecing together a web site on how we've almost
>completely become a free software campus (on the server side... desktops are
>another story).  I hope to have step-by-step instructions and performance
>statistics, a lot of the scripts we have written, etc.  If anyone is
>in seeing it when I'm finished, drop me a line and I'll mail you when it's

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