IPC password now req'd?

Corey M. Wirun cmwirun at comcept.com
Wed Apr 1 20:05:07 GMT 1998

Hello All,

I recently downloaded the latest 'main-stream' CVS repository for samba.  
I compiled and installed it with no problem.  Everything worked.  Even when
I switched the NT4.0 WKS over to domain logins, it worked.

But (you knew that was coming), now nobody on the network, including the
samba machine can browse the shares on the machine.  I see the machine
in the Network Neighborhood, but when I go deeper, it asks for a password
for IPC$.

With normal 'workgroup' logins, I can browse the box, map shares, etc., but not
now.  Running smbclient from the server says, "Session setup failed ... 
- ERRnoaccess".

I do have the box's server service running.  And I am able to browse myself
at the NT machine with no problems.

Does the samba PDC have something to do with share access to NT with 
domain users logged in on?

Thanks in advance.

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