Solution: "Could not update internal security to add machine to domain"

Gerald Heinig heinig at
Wed Apr 1 14:04:34 GMT 1998

Hi all,

Thanks to a sample smb.conf from Johan Hedin I've now got NT domain
logons on our Samba server.
In case anyone comes across the following message from NT (translated
from the german) whilst trying to connect the NT wks to the Samba

Could not update internal security. Could not add MACHINE to DOMAIN

The problem arose because I had got the domain sid wrong. I had
mistakenly put

domain sid = 1-5-21-111-222-333-444

instead of

domain sid = S-1-5-21-111-222-333-444

ie. I forgot the S- at the beginning of the sid.

It might be worthwhile to put this in the FAQ. I don't know how many
other people made the same mistake.



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