jan van rensburg jan.van.rensburg at
Wed Apr 1 12:28:37 GMT 1998

this is a very newbie question, if you'll excuse me. i'm
fairly unfamiliar with both samba and PAM for linux.
however, what i want to do is this:
set up a nt 4 server as a pdc
then i want to set up a linux box with samba as a file &
mail server (smtp/pop3/imap4)
i want the user names and password on the linux and nt
machines to be synched, and the best option i've come across
is to use the pam module for linux that does it's
authentication through the nt pdc. i know that i'll still
have to add the user names in /etc/passwd for the pam module
to work, but since i only have to do this once it's ok. 
is this the best way to do it?
how do i set up the pam module? i've done a `make` and get a executable, but what next? where do i
install the executable, and how do i let pam/linux know that
it should use that module for authentication. i've read the
documentation, but it looks like the documentation assumes a
basic knowledge of pam which i don't have. 
jan van rensburg

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