[Samba-it] Badlock, 'ntlm auth = no' e ntlm_auth...

Marco Gaiarin gaio at sv.lnf.it
Thu May 5 10:49:55 UTC 2016

Mandi! Piviul
  In chel di` si favelave...

> > 	ntml auth = no
> > è necessario. 
> Veramente qui[*] non dice così.

Dove scusa? Mi pare chiaro:

 It is recommended that administrators set these additional options, if
 compatible with their network environment:

 server signing = mandatory
 ntlm auth = no

 Without server signing = mandatory, Man in the Middle attacks are still
 possible against our file server and classic/NT4-like/Samba3 Domain
 controller. (It is now enforced on Samba's AD DC.) Note that this has
 heavy impact on the file server performance, so you need to decide
 between performance and security. These man in the Middle attacks for
 smb file servers are well known for decades.

 Without 'ntlm auth = no', there may still be clients not using NTLMv2,
 and these observed passwords may be brute-forced easily using
 cloud-computing resources or rainbow tables.

'still' lo interpreto come 'dopo aver pacciato'.

> Io ho installato
> 4.2.12-SerNet-Debian-9.wheezy e ntlm_auth funziona ancora e a sentir
> loro è anche esente dal baco.

Ma hai impostato 'ntlm auth = no'? Non è di default a no...

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