[Samba-it] Usare Samba4 come Samba3 ;-)

Marco Gaiarin gaio at sv.lnf.it
Fri Mar 6 07:05:02 MST 2015

> Il problema è che io *NON* voglio, almeno per ora, fare uno switch ad AD,
> voglio restare nel mio bel mondo 'NT4-like', o meglio, voglio
> continuare a usare samba per gestire share e stampanti, e continuare ad
> usare il mio bel bind per il dns e soprattutto openldap per ldap.

Scusate, mi rispondo da solo, ma nel wiki questa informazione o non
c'è, o non l'ho trovata.

Dal changelog di samba4.2:



 With the final release of Samba 4.2, the last series of Samba 3 has
 been discontinued! People still running 3.6.x or earlier,should
 consider moving to a more recent and maintained version (4.0 - 4.2).
 One of the common misconceptions is that Samba 4.x automatically
 means "Active Directory only": This is wrong!

 Acting as an Active Directory Domain Controller is just one of the
 enhancements included in Samba 4.0 and later. Version 4.0 was just the
 next release after the 3.6 series and contains all the features of the
 previous ones - including the NT4-style (classic) domain support. This
 means you can update a Samba 3.x NT4-style PDC to 4.x, just as you've
 updated in the past (e.g. from 3.4.x to 3.5.x). You don't have to move
 your NT4-style domain to an Active Directory!

 And of course the possibility remains unchanged, to setup a new NT4-style
 PDC with Samba 4.x, like done in the past (e.g. with openLDAP backend).
 Active Directory support in Samba 4 is additional and does not replace
 any of these features. We do understand the difficulty presented by
 existing LDAP structures and for that reason there isn't a plan to
 decommission the classic PDC support. It remains tested by the continuous
 integration system.

 The code that supports the classic Domain Controller is also the same
 code that supports the internal 'Domain' of standalone servers and
 Domain Member Servers. This means that we still use this code, even
 when not acting as an AD Domain Controller. It is also the basis for
 some of the features of FreeIPA and so it gets development attention
 from that direction as well.

Ottimo! ;-)

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