[Samba-it] problema con pdbedit

Mapasa Asstech paolo at mapasainformatica.com
Fri Mar 31 09:17:01 MST 2006

Vorrei capire bene le varie opzioni del flag -c e vorrei sapere se esiste una documentazione piu' esauriente.
Non capisco dove si agisce sulla lunghezza delle password.
Di seguito le varie opsioni.


-c account-control
              This option can be used while adding or  modifying  a  user  ac-account.
              count. It will specify the users' account control property. Pos-Possible
              sible flags are listed below.

                N: No password required

                D: Account disabled

                H: Home directory required

                T: Temporary duplicate of other account

                U: Regular user account

                M: MNS logon user account

                W: Workstation Trust Account

                S: Server Trust Account

                L: Automatic Locking

                X: Password does not expire

                I: Domain Trust Account

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