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Haven haven at
Tue May 20 16:51:25 GMT 2003


Thanks for the response.

I think I over reacted in my response, and for that I appologise - I 
could give a slew of excuses but ultimately I was caught at a bad moment 
and responded much more negatively than was appropriate. As always 
hindsight is a wonderful thing.
Once again - sorry for the negative viewpoint I put forwards, I 
appreciate all the good work the samba maintainers are doing and a 
limited ammount of spam is an innevitable on any open mailing list.

Kindest regards


Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:

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>On Fri, 16 May 2003, Simon Alman wrote:
>>Ditto - I may simply have to unsubscribe if this continues - I'm getting
>>more spam than actual content, please setup filters and spam detection.
>Feel free if that is what you want.
>I will say that the SPAM filters on generally do a good job.
>A lot of this stuff you never see.  Apart from a moderated list (which 
>won't happen), we are going for a best effort.  Tim & Martin monitor 
>and tune the filters fairly regularly.
>cheers, jerry

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