SAMBA Migration HOWTO ?

ipguy ipguy at
Tue May 6 11:55:10 GMT 2003

Hi all
Anyone know if there is a SAMBA Migration HOWTO.
I currently have 150+ accounts with all files being shared on the PDC
I'm intending to migrate all my files from an NT4 PDC to a SAMBA Domain
Member Server
I intend to use winbind & the "password=server" option to pass the
authentication off to the PDC.
I am a little confused about accounts that need creating on the Samba Server
+ controlling access to dir's etc as it is currently setup on the PDC.
The Windows users should not know that I have migrated them to Samba.
Also what's the deal with the ACL patch... are most people using it, are
there any issues... what can I expect to see from the windows side with and
without the patch in use ?


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