smb.conf man page update

andrew at andrew at
Thu Jul 31 19:10:03 GMT 2003

I've just spent longer than I'd hoped (as always) tracking down a problem
in Samba password chat -- I eventually realized that the password chat
(and subsequent UNIX system update) doesn't happen unless the machine
asking for the update is remote.

I'd love to update this in the docs, but it is unclear to me where the
database for "db2man.xsl" generating the manpages is.

If someone could point me at this entity, or otherwise cause text such
as that below to be added to the smb.conf discussion about "passwd
program" or "passwd chat", I think it will save others some hours of
effort setting this up.

Note that I have formatted the text using roff, as I assume this should
go into the man page.


--8<--cut here--8<----------------------------------------------

Note that the program mentioned in "passwd program" does not get
invoked if the smbpasswd program is invoked on the local host as
root.  This means that you cannot invoke "smbpasswd USERNAME" as
root on the SMB server in order to test the chat.

To test whether password update through password program is working,
you must change the password in one of the following ways:
.IP "\(bu" 5
as a (non-root) user on the local machine using "smbpasswd"
.IP "\(bu" 5
as a user on a remote machine using "smbpasswd -r SMBMACHINE"
.IP "\(bu" 5
from a Windows client machine

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