Samba curriculum or courseware?

Jeremy C. Reed reed at
Fri Jul 25 21:22:55 GMT 2003

> > Thanks for the lead. I also now found a press release about a Linuxcare
> > course from fall of 1999: "Extreme Samba--written by Linuxcare guru Andrew
> > Tridgell, the creator of Samba, a two-day course covering installation,
> > maintenance and troubleshooting of Samba networks serving Windows 98 and
> > NT clients." I'll send an email to them to find out if they have samba
> > courseware available.
> Arggghhh....that was my course. :-(

I'll let you know if they will make the courseware available.

> > It would be good to have some survey (like a Job Task Analysis) to base
> > a courseware on. So it will have some validity. The results could also
> > be useful for judging where documentation should be focused or improved.
> > I may work on this.
> Do you mean "what are the daily activities of Samba admins?"

Basically yes. The survey could help build descriptions of the skills and
knowledge related to successful performance in Samba administration.

Plus some of the skills needed for installation too. I don't want to
go into general Unix skills for this unless the survey indicates its

Instead of just basing the courseware on the tasks that I have used or
based on documentation, I'd like to see a survey that gets the feedback
from many Samba administrators.

Maybe this doesn't matter; probably just a small group of samba admins
could share their comments and/or review the courseware-in-progress.

But from a marketing standpoint, it would be nice to be able to say, for
example, "This courseware is based on a Job Task Analysis where over 250
experienced Samba administrators defined the descriptions of the knowledge
and skills essential to successful Samba administration."

In addition, a survey announced to the samba and samba developers lists 
may offer some side benefits too, like finding out about samba
features/capabilities that are rarely used (or unknown). And it can help
restructure current documentation to make sure it highlights
important needs. It can also tell us a little more about samba users and
where samba is implemented.

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