Samba curriculum or courseware?

Jeremy C. Reed reed at
Fri Jul 25 20:37:48 GMT 2003

On Fri, 25 Jul 2003, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:

> > Does anyone know of any Samba curriculum or courseware?
> > 
> > Has anyone done a Job Task Analysis (e.g. surveys) with a focus on Samba
> > skills for developing Samba courseware (or Samba administrator
> > certification)?

> I wrote a 2 days course for linuxcare.  They might still have it.
> Don't know who you would ask though.

Thanks for the lead. I also now found a press release about a Linuxcare
course from fall of 1999: "Extreme Samba--written by Linuxcare guru Andrew
Tridgell, the creator of Samba, a two-day course covering installation,
maintenance and troubleshooting of Samba networks serving Windows 98 and
NT clients." I'll send an email to them to find out if they have samba
courseware available.

I have written various courseware for FreeBSD, NetBSD and Apache
administration (and various lecture presentations and handouts including

It would be good to have some survey (like a Job Task Analysis) to base a
courseware on. So it will have some validity. The results could also be
useful for judging where documentation should be focused or improved. I
may work on this.

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