Getting info for samba

paul paul at
Thu Jul 24 00:50:00 GMT 2003

admir wrote:
> Hi ppl.
> can some one tell me where to find info on all those posibble setting in
> samba. I am totaly lost.
> I need to know this too: update encrypted and null passwords.
Help yourself, try "man smb.conf", search for the string in question and 
read ;)

> Please tell me where is help for all those option and what they mean.
> Also I would like to know what is diference betwean 2.x.x and
> 3.x.x-alpha.
> and beta.
Have you ever tried to go to and search for 
documentation? There are Releasnotes for the upcoming 3.0 and other 
usefull docus.

> Any help would just fine.
> Regards,
> Admir

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