"3rd party" documentation list? Submit new docs? Wiki?

Marcus Widerberg m at mawi.org
Thu Aug 28 18:55:14 GMT 2003


I have just (well, a week ago) gone through installing samba/LDAP.

To be honest, the documentation pretty much sucks (as is common with most
open source projects - and don't get started on me, I mean compared to
commercial docs) - especially with regard to just getting into samba without

Eventually, I got a hold of several docs which together (well - mostly the
newly written "Using OpenLDAP on Debian Woody ..." at
http://homex.subnet.at/~max/ldap/ ) got me through it, along with much
testing to gain knowledge empirically.

Now, just gathering some nice articles took time. My question: There does
not seem to be a list of docs, is there?
One that would enable people to publish/submit for publication would be
nice. Perhaps an official wiki would be a good solution?

I am not talking about your average magazine "samba is nice, get up and
running" article here, I mean a little more effort than that.


I started writing something first for my own ref, then I put it into docbook
format, here:
It's not finished, any comments are welcome.

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