NT 4.0 and Samba

Daryl Duncan daryl at sfc.wcape.school.za
Mon Aug 4 06:30:55 GMT 2003


I wonder if you could assist.

We are setting up a SAMBA box to handle all authentication from Win 98 machines. This is no problem however we have come into what might be a problem, there is an NT 4.0 PDC box acting as a gateway and firewall. There is no real way to downgrade this as in Server 2000, one would need to reinstall NT 4.0 to downgrade to a member server. 

But we can't reinstall it just yet as the setup of the proxy and these type of things can only be done at a later stage.

Can one install a Samba box handling authentication ( pdc ) while there is another pdc doing this? What options are available in this type of situation?

Many Thanks


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