Confusion of True/Falst in smt.conf

Carol Anne Ogdin caogdin at
Sun Apr 20 17:57:15 GMT 2003

In reading the latest smb.conf, I noticed a sentence (under "FILE FORMAT,"
last paragraph) that says "...which may be given as yes/no, 0/1 or
true/false."  Perhaps I'm wrong, but I though that most of computerdom uses
"1/0" to be equivalent to "true/false."
In the interests of parallel phrasing, it might better read "...1/0...".
If, in fact, the sense of zero and one are different in smb.conf, perhaps
it would be good to make a special issue of it in the document?

--Carol Anne

P.S.:  Please cc: me on your response, if any.  Thanks.  -cao

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