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Gerald Carter jerry at
Thu May 2 23:00:55 GMT 2002

On 2 May 2002, Naag Mummaneni wrote:

> Hi,
> I just configured my Solaris box to logon to my Windows 2k Domain after
> working on it for three days.I am sorry to say that I have found no
> documentation for setting up Samba-winbind on solaris.And I feel that a
> Prestigious opensource project like Samba shouldnt be blamed for this.So
> I modified the documentation that come with samba & prepared this one
> for "solaris" so that no other administrator will face problems that I
> did. I hope the Samba group will put this documentation part in the
> distribution.Please find the attached doc file for the documentation.
> Thanks
> Naag Mummaneni(getnag at

Thanks.  I've included this as a text file for the 2.2.4 release.
I'll incorporate it into the SGML docs later.

cheers, jerry
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