Want to contribute to SAMBA Doc : NT,PDC, Problems, etc...

Thierry DELHAISE thierry.delhaise at free.fr
Fri Mar 8 08:30:33 GMT 2002

Hi all,

Like certainly many members of those lists (SAMBA's list), I would like  to
contribute to SAMBA project. The main reason is because when you write
something you must absolutely be familiar with the subject. It will give me
oportunity to be (more) familiar with some kinds of SAMBA Spec.

Since I read samba mailling list, many questions are post about SAMBA PDC,
BDC, etc, interaction with Windows Domain, etc. I know that OpenSource
Project are sometimes very busy and there're times where teams can't respond
in good way to users questions. But don't giving the good respons in the
right time could be  for the company witch study OpenSource opportunity
(SAMBA) a "bad OpenSource Experience".

In fact I would like to write a sort of "Deployment and Integration Guide"
based on some experience of some contributors and team members to this
project (and SAMBA-TNG too).

The goal is to give a chance of good and simple integration of SAMBA in all
enterprises, and give the community some basic respons in the fisrt time :

- Source of informations, mailing list, white papers, news, web, etc...
- Does SAMBA will work with our enterprise architecture SCHEMS ?
- What work ?
- What don't work ?
- What is plan and when ?
- Technical success story and experience !
- Provide some graphic architecture SCHEMS, etc.

I think for the user point of view, it is important that community be able
to know the work of SAMBA-TNG too, since for beeginners (in the Linux world)
it's not very "clear" what SAMBA provide and don't, what SAMBA-TNG provide
and don't. All what I read talk about some "RPC things" witch in mind of
some enterprise administrators is simply "technical noise".

I know that some good books have been wrote on this subject, but (AFAIK)
nothing really exist in the OpenSource Mind.

I would like to know if someone of the samba team exist to validate a
document like this one, and if some members of this team could be a central
point for some questions I will (certainly) have ?

Behind you will find a plan of this doc.

Thanks for comments, and advise.


Plan :

- What manage and what provide Windows Domain ( Users account, Access
- Introduction to MS architecture on Windows NT Domains with some SCHEMS.
- Windows NT 4.0 architecture.
- Windows 2000 architecture.
- Mixed architecture (W2K and NT 4.0).
- How does it work ?(technically).
- Introduction to SAMBA ( What it provide, what it is not).
- Samples integration schems.
- How does it work ?
- Planed scenarios to migrate to a full SAMBA domain in replacement of
Windows one's.
- ...

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