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On Wed, Dec 25, 2002 at 12:38:42PM +1000, will kemp wrote about 'samba docs':
> i've just subscribed to the samba-docs list as i'm interested in helping
> with documentation. can someone fill me in on what the current situation
> is and what, if anything, needs doing? i'm an experienced technical
> writer.
We're currently trying to get the docs up to date for the 3.0 release. 
The file docs/docs-status in CVS HEAD contains the current status:

If you'd like to work on any of these, please contact jerry at or jelmer at

Outdated docs:
docs/OID/allocated-arcs.txt - does this file really belong here?
docs/OID/samba-oid.mail - does this file really belong here?
docs/announce - out of date (announces 2.2.0) - should it go away?
docs/history - needs updating (is current up to 1998 - merge with 10year.html ?)
docs/docbook/devdoc/* - most of these docs are outdated and need updates...
docs/docbook/manpages/net.8.sgml - Still not finished
docs/docbook/manpages/rpcclient.1.sgml - Command documentation might be outdated
docs/docbook/manpages/samba.7.sgml - Listing of samba programs is not complete
docs/docbook/manpages/smbclient.1.sgml - document -k (kerberos authentication)
docs/docbook/manpages/smbcontrol.1.sgml - Document -s, samsync, samrepl, pool-usage, dmalloc-mark, dmalloc-log-changed, shutdown, change_id
docs/docbook/manpages/smb.conf.5.sgml - 'restrict anonymous' isn't documented properly
docs/docbook/projdoc/DOMAIN_MEMBER.sgml - Needs update to 3.0
docs/docbook/projdoc/ADS-HOWTO.sgml - seems outdated (it says we require 'ads server' when in ads mode, though that's not true, according to the manpages...)
docs/docbook/projdoc/ENCRYPTION.sgml - contains useless old info about smbpasswd
docs/docbook/projdoc/Integrating-with-Windows.sgml - Should slowly go a way. Contains a little bit information about wins, a little bit about domain membership, a little about winbind, etc
docs/docbook/projdoc/NT_Security.sgml - probably outdated
docs/docbook/projdoc/Diagnosis.sgml - Needs extension
docs/docbook/projdoc/Printing.sgml - Cups is not documented, smbprint, printing /to/ a windows server... - Kurt Pfeifle
docs/docbook/projdoc/Samba-BDC-HOWTO.sgml - Needs update to 3.0
docs/docbook/projdoc/Samba-LDAP-HOWTO.sgml - Needs update to 3.0
docs/docbook/projdoc/Samba-PDC-HOWTO.sgml - Needs update to 3.0
docs/docbook/projdoc/Speed.sgml - contains outdated and invalid information
docs/docbook/projdoc/UNIX_INSTALL.sgml - Needs a lot of updating (swat, ADS, PDC, etc)
docs/docbook/projdoc/printer_driver2.sgml - Needs integration with printing.sgml, still up to date?
docs/docbook/projdoc/security_level.sgml - information about ads and domain should be added (currently only contains pointers to the ads and domain_member docs)
docs/docbook/projdoc/winbind.sgml - needs documentation for ADS
docs/textdocs/CUPS-PrintingInfo.txt - needs to be converted to sgml - Kurt Pfeifle
docs/textdocs/PROFILES.txt - needs to be converted to sgml
docs/textdocs/README.jis - Seems to need updating - possibly obsoleted by a newer japanese howto?
docs/textdocs/RoutedNetworks.txt - still valid, but shouldn't this go into Other_clients.sgml ? This text originally comes from microsoft, what about copyright?

These still need to be checked:

Stuff that needs to be documented:
Merge the various docs about wins and browsing
Windows NT 4.0 Style Trust Relationship
One Time Migration script from a Windows NT 4.0 PDC to a Samba PDC
ldap passwd sync
using rsync to get latest HEAD version

Please let me know what docs you're working on so we don't do any 
work twice.



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