Samba as a PDC

Liaan van der Merwe liaan at
Fri Dec 13 11:37:11 GMT 2002

 admin users = root
make sure something like this is in the smb.conf
and smbpassword -a root (then use this username/password compbo)

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> > I have configured samba to be the PDC for the M$ computers on the
> > network. I have W2K server running but not as a PDC. When I try to
> > add the W2K machine to the domain, I get prompted for a username and
> > passwd. I've tried every username and passwd on the smaba machine
> > but none work. Does anyone have any suggestions?
> This kind of questions is better asked on the samba-users mailing
> list. What you need to enter there is the username and password of an
> account on the pdc that is able to write to the smbpasswd. This is
> usually only root who then must have a password in the smbpasswd file.
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