HELP! Trying to map a drive via Win2000 explorer

D Dixon matchbox at
Thu Dec 13 11:11:25 GMT 2001


I'm pretty new to Samba et al. (Version 2.2.2) and a little wet behind
the ears!

Basically what I'm trying to achieve is that I would like to map a drive
(eg. Z drive) on my Windows2000 PC (NT domain) to a user/directory on
my UNIX box (Tru64 UNIX v5.1A), so that it looks like a 'local' directory
within Windows explorer (readable and write-able only by ME).
(No printing services required)
My UNIX machine is called hobbit and I have one (non-root) user called
bilbo added to the /etc/passwd file with /usr/users/bilbo as the home

What are the steps required for me to achieve this?
I've tried doing a "map network drive" from explorer: //hobbit/bilbo.
The connection is refused when I enter the correct password (for user

Many thanks and Regards,


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