SWAT - French translation

TAKAHASHI Motonobu monyo at samba.org
Tue Dec 4 01:46:48 GMT 2001

François Le Lay wrote:
>I'd like to know the rules: should I use SGML? Do I need a CVS access?

Please download the current CVS code and look at source/po/*.msg
en.msg is the skelton file. 
You need to create fr.msg based on en.msg, fill the msgstr "" in
French and send me.

>What version of SWAT should I focus on?

This system is available for Samba HEAD.

>Also, another team member (Tanin) is translating all the man pages but
>he'd like to know what mark-up he should use...  
Most of current documentation, including man pages are automatically
generated from SGML version of them.
So if you want to translate man pages, please translate SGML documents
of Samba 2.2 series under docs/docbook/manpages.

* And would you please not to send me a HTML mails...

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