amiga 1200 to blue/white g3 samba connectivity

l1nkdna at l1nkdna at
Thu Aug 30 14:33:14 GMT 2001

hi help
i was wondering if any one out in the world had connected an amiga 1200 
to a mac

via ether net
i purchase a 10 bastT ethernet pc card made by vivanco (09/00/01811 netz 
from eyetech with a connection box with rj45 and bnc connectors on it an 
a reset is eyetechs  eznet software and samba soft ware 
.my amiga specs are:-

A1200 revb, blizz ppc 040 wi scsi wrkbench 3.9 64 megs
mac specs are:_
b/w g3 400 512mb mocos 9.2 & macox 10.04 with samba also.

now i went thru the tint instuctions from eyetech nd could i hell get 
ant connection the lights on the junction box flickered  whilst i was 
tryin to ping 1 or the other but no connection

i would really like to connect my amiga to my mac to share drives and my 
macs internet connection.

could NE 1 direct me to the right direction or website with good 
instructions please this i along time life amiga build project i luv my 
amiga and will neva let it dye


the m1ssing l1nk

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