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On Wed, 8 Aug 2001, Will, Natalie D SITI-ISEP-3 wrote:

> Hi,
> In advance - apologies if i am using this mailing list incorrectly... Pls
> advise if so...
> Can anyone help.  The company I work for is looking to advise another
> company on switching to SAMBA.  The company in question presently has its
> data sitting on a NT infrastructure and they are looking to switch to UNIX
> disks using samba (SOLARIS operating system).
> The sort of information i am looking for is:
> *	Is there another company out there that has done this?
> *	What are the implications of using SAMBA (advantages/disadvantages)
> *	How do you back up your data i.e. is data backed up to a nt server
> or unix?
> *	Potential problems with backups and restores.
> *	What are the support issues i.e. ease of support, possible
> complications.
> *	Does anyone know of any benchmarking information.
> *	Do any particular versions of SAMBA run off particular clients (i.e.
> win2000/95/NT)
> *	Further advice/info that I have missed.
> Can anyone assist or point/send me to the appropriate documentation?
> Thanks.
> Natalie Will.

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