[SCM] Samba Shared Repository - annotated tag samba-4.17.6 created

Jule Anger janger at samba.org
Thu Mar 9 09:20:16 UTC 2023

The annotated tag, samba-4.17.6 has been created
        at  fb93f7130edf3f5a61007cfd77baa6c601b689fc (tag)
   tagging  46e771776b2d15497201416d0b287452effefc97 (commit)
  replaces  samba-4.17.5
 tagged by  Jule Anger
        on  Thu Mar 9 10:19:43 2023 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
samba: tag release samba-4.17.6


Andrew Bartlett (21):
      s4-dsdb: Add tests of SamDB.get_nc_root()
      s4-selftest/drs Add test of expected return code for invaid DNs in GetNCChanges
      s4-selftest/drs Allow some DRS tests to operate against an IP
      s4-selftest/drs Allow re-run of DRS tests after failed cleanup
      s4-selftest/drs: Confirm GetNCChanges REPL_OBJ works with a DummyDN and real GUID
      s4-selftest/drs: Confirm GetNCChanges full replication works with a DummyDN and real GUID
      s4-selftest/drs: Confirm GetNCChanges REPL_SECRET works with a DummyDN and real GUID
      s4-dsdb: Schedule SD propegation only after successful rename
      s4-dsdb: Make dsdb_find_nc_root() first try and use DSDB_CONTROL_CURRENT_PARTITION_OID
      s4-dsdb: Add better debugging to dsdb_objects_have_same_nc()
      s4-dsdb: Add dsdb_normalise_dn_and_find_nc_root() around dsdb_find_nc_root()
      s4-rpc_server/drsuapi: Use dsdb_normalise_dn_and_find_nc_root()
      s4-dsdb: rework drs_ObjectIdentifier_to_dn() into drs_ObjectIdentifier_to_dn_and_nc_root()
      s4-drs: Make drs_ObjectIdentifier_to_dn() safer and able to cope with DummyDN values
      s4-rpc_server/drsuapi: Return correct error code for an invalid DN to EXOP_REPL_OBJ/EXOP_REPL_OBJ
      s4-dsdb: Split samdb_get_ntds_obj_by_guid() out of samdb_is_rodc()
      s4-dsdb: Require that the NTDS object is an nTDSDSA objectclass
      s4-drsuapi: Use samdb_get_ntds_obj_by_guid() to find RODC in REPL_SECRET
      s4-rpc_server: Pre-check destination_dsa_guid in GetNCChanges for validity
      s4-drsuapi: Clarify role of drs_security_access_check_nc_root()
      s4-drsuapi: Give an error that matches windows on destination_dsa_guid lookup failure

Jeremy Allison (3):
      s3: provision: Add new streams_xattr_nostrict share - needs "strict rename = no".
      s3: tests: Add new test_stream_dir_rename.sh test.
      s3: smbd: Fix fsp/fd leak when looking up a non-existent stream name on a file.

John Mulligan (1):
      vfs_ceph: use fsp_get_pathref_fd in ceph fstatat and close vfs calls

Jule Anger (3):
      VERSION: Bump version up to Samba 4.17.6...
      WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.17.6.
      VERSION: Disable GIT_SNAPSHOT for the 4.17.6 release.

Noel Power (1):
      s3/lib: Prevent use after free of messaging_ctdb_fde_ev structs

Ralph Boehme (1):
      mdssvc: fix kMDScopeArray parsing

Volker Lendecke (6):
      librpc: Make rpc_pipe_open_np() public and async
      librpc: Remove unused sync rpc_transport_np_init()
      torture3: test rpc scalability
      rpcd: Increase listening queue
      rpcd: Do blocking connects to local pipes
      rpcd: With npa->need_idle_server we can have more than 256 servers

baixiangcpp (1):
      lib:util: File descriptor being closed repeatedly.


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