[SCM] Samba Shared Repository - annotated tag talloc-2.3.4 created

Stefan Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Thu Jun 9 04:24:49 UTC 2022

The annotated tag, talloc-2.3.4 has been created
        at  5fba8f7ddfd1631bde8a2c1fa6a4be4752a1ac5a (tag)
   tagging  0189ccf9fc3d2a77cc83cffe180e307bcdccebb4 (commit)
  replaces  tevent-0.12.0
 tagged by  Stefan Metzmacher
        on  Thu Jun 9 06:24:42 2022 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
talloc: tag release talloc-2.3.4


Andreas Schneider (85):
      s4:kdc: Set debug class for pac-glue
      python:tests: Check code error code in test_s4u2self_rodc_revealed
      s4:mit-samba: Pass flags to ks_get_pac()
      s4:mit-samba: Pass flags to mit_samba_get_pac()
      s4:kdc: pass down SAMBA_KDC_FLAG_PROTOCOL_TRANSITION to samba_kdc_update_pac()
      s4:kdc: Fix S4U2Proxy in RODC case to return an error
      python:tests: Add support for expected groups in krb5 tests
      python:tests: Add support for unexpected groups in krb5 tests
      python:tests: Add krb5 tests for asserted identity
      s4:torture: let remote_pac test for asserted identity sids
      s4:selftest: Do not print the env twice
      s4:dsdb:tests: Also pass tests if asserted identity is present
      s4:kdc: Add asserted identity SID to identify whether S4U2Self has occurred
      s3:passdb: Remove trailing spaces in lookup_sid.c
      s3:passdb: Add support to handle UPNs in lookup_name()
      s3:passdb: Use already defined pointer in lookup_name_smbconf()
      s3:passdb: Refactor lookup_name_smbconf()
      s3:passdb: Also allow to handle UPNs in lookup_name_smbconf()
      s3:tests: Reformat dlopen.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat printing_var_exp_lpr_cmd.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_acl_xattr.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_aio_outstanding.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_async_req.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_chdir_cache.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_close_denied_share.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_deadtime.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_delete_veto_files_only_rmdir.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_dfree_command.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_dfree_quota.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_dropbox.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_durable_handle_reconnect.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_failure.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_fifo.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_force_close_share.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_force_create_mode.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_force_group_change.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_force_user_unlink.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_forceuser_validusers.sh
      gitignore: Add .ropeproject for pylsp-rope plugin
      s3:tests: Reformat test_give_owner.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_groupmap.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_guest_auth.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_homes.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_inherit_owner.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_large_acl.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_libwbclient_threads.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_local_s3.sh
      gitlab-ci: Use openSUSE 15.3 for coverity
      lib:util: Do not error for array-bounds warning
      gitlab-ci: Update Fedora to version 36
      third_party: Update waf to version 2.0.24
      s3:printing: Initialize the printcap cache as soon as the bgqd starts
      s3:printing: Start samba-bgqd as soon as possible
      s3:tests: Reformat test_net_cache_samlogon.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_net_conf.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_net_cred_change.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_net_dom_join_fail_dc.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_net_lookup.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_net_machine_account.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_net_misc.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_net_registry.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_net_registry_check.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_net_registry_import.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_net_registry_roundtrip.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_net_rpc_join.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_net_rpc_join_creds.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_net_rpc_oldjoin.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_net_rpc_share_allowedusers.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_net_tdb.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_net_usershare.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_netfileenum.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_offline.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_open_eintr.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_preserve_case.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_printing_var_exp.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_pthreadpool.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_registry_upgrade.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_resolvconf.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_rpcclient.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_rpcclient_dfs.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_rpcclient_lookup.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_rpcclient_netsessenum.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_rpcclient_pw_nt_hash.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_rpcclient_samlogon.sh
      s3:tests: Reformat test_rpcclientsrvsvc.sh

Andrew Bartlett (9):
      docs: Explain the impact of "ntlm auth = disabled" on simple bind forwarding
      dsdb: Clarify that most errors in make_error_and_update_badPwdCount() are not returned
      selftest: Rework password_lockout_base.py to allow logon_basics test to be run in ad_dc_no_ntlm
      selftest: Run some tests in the ad_dc_no_ntlm environment to show expected behaviour
      dsdb: Do not reuse "ret" variable as return code and for memcmp() comparison
      .gitlab-ci: Work around new git restrictions arising from CVE-2022-24765
      bootstrap: chown the whole cloned repo, not just the subfolders
      bootstrap: matplotlib is not a real Samba dep
      s4-samr: Fix missing check for GnuTLS errors from E_old_pw_hash()

Anoop C S (3):
      libsmbconf: Avoid initial declaration inside 'for' loop
      vfs_glusterfs: Fix get_real_filename_at implementation
      vfs_glusterfs: Fix fdopendir implementation

Christian Ambach (7):
      s3:utils:smbcacls fix a typo
      lib/cmdline: fix a typo
      s3:include fix typo
      s3:smbd add missing VolumeCreationTime to FileFsVolumeInformation
      s3:smbd factor out volume serial number generation
      docs-xml: add new parameter volume serial number
      s3:smbd implement volume serial number parameter

Christof Schmitt (1):
      vfs_gpfs: Ignore pathref fds for gpfs:recalls check

David Mulder (17):
      gpo: Correct CA Initilization to obey [MS-CAESO]
      gpo: Certificate Auto Enroll correctly check templates
      gpo: Fix crash in Cert Auth Enroll RSOP
      gpo: Generalize Cert Auto Enroll CA data
      gpo: Test Cert Auto Enroll Advanced Config
      gpo: Add Cert Auto Enroll Advanced Config
      gpo: Test Centrify Compatible Sudoers Extension
      gpo: Add Centrify Compatible Sudoers Extension
      gpo: Test Centrify Compatible Crontab Extensions
      gpo: Add Centrify Compatible Crontab Extensions
      gpo: Supress error caused by ldap Cert Auto Enroll config
      gpo: Halt Cert Auto Enroll process if data corrupted
      bootstrap: Add python3-requests dependency
      gpo: Remove sscep depends from Cert Auto Enroll
      gpo: Fix Cert Auto Enroll docstrings
      gpo: Cert Auto Enroll use ldap trust cert if NDES disabled
      gpo: Move Group Policy code below gp directory

Douglas Bagnall (17):
      py/gp_cert_auto_enroll_ext: avoid shadowing loop variable
      py/gp_cert_auto_enroll_ext: avoid redundant iteration
      python/gp_cert_auto_enroll: removed unused imports
      util/base64: decode_data_blob_talloc catches talloc error
      compression:tests: test lzxpress in some edge cases
      compression: fix lzxpress decompress with trailing flags
      compression: lzxpress decompress empty string as empty string
      compression: remove always false constant comparison
      compression: add a few comments, including MS-XCA pointers.
      compression:tests: align test names with functions
      fuzz: add fuzz_lzxpress_compress
      fuzz: add lzxpress compress/decompress round-trip
      lzxpress/test: time performance of long boring sequences
      lzxpress: compress shortcut if we've reached maximum length
      s4/dlz: add support for bind 9.18
      cmdline_s4: re-initialise logging once loadparm is ready
      debug: update comments about setup_logging()

Jeremy Allison (3):
      s4: torture: Add a new test - samba3.smb2.durable-open.stat-open.
      s3: smbd: Allow a durable handle on a leased stat-open.
      s3: libsmbclient: Cope with SMB2 servers that return STATUS_USER_SESSION_DELETED on a SMB2_ECHO (SMB2_OP_KEEPALIVE) call with a NULL session.

John Mulligan (18):
      lib/smbconf: add an initial set of python bindings
      python/samba/tests: add SMBConfTests suite
      s3/lib/smbconf: replace uses of talloc_tos with talloc_stackframe
      s3/lib/smbconf: add talloc_stackframe to smbconf_init_reg
      lib/smbconf: move python smbconf type definition to header
      lib/smbconf: add a python function for raising smbconf exceptions
      source3/lib/smbconf: add python bindings for init functions
      python/samba/tests: add test cases for s3/registry init funcs
      lib/smbconf: add create_share method to SMBConf
      lib/smbconf: add drop method to SMBConf
      lib/smbconf: add set_parameter method to SMBConf
      lib/smbconf: add set_global_parameter method to SMBConf
      lib/smbconf: add delete_share method to SMBConf
      lib/smbconf: add create_set_share method to SMBConf
      lib/smbconf: add delete_parameter method to SMBConf
      lib/smbconf: add delete_global_parameter method to SMBConf
      lib/smbconf: add python wrapper functions for transaction management
      lib/smbconf: expose smbconf error codes to python wrapper

Joseph Sutton (56):
      rpc_server/lsa: Match Windows security descriptor
      s4/dsdb/repl_meta_data: Receive function arguments in correct order
      samba-tool tests: Remove unused variable
      samba-tool user: Remove unused imports
      samba-tool user: Consistently return a tuple
      tests/passwords: Remove unused imports
      tests/passwords: Add tests for password history with simple binds
      tests/krb5: Allow passing expected etypes to get_keys()
      samba-tool processes: Remove unused loop
      python/xattr: Properly process system.posix_acl_access
      examples: Remove unused imports
      examples: Make netbios.py work with Python 3
      examples: Make samr.py work with Python 3
      samba-tool gpo tests: Fix unintended string concatenations
      samba-tool gpo: Fix unintended string concatenations
      python: Remove unnecessary 'pass' statements
      wafsamba: Fix previously unreachable exception path
      samba-tool: Don't try to delete local_tdo_handle twice.
      selftest: Remove unreachable return statement
      wintest: Remove unreachable return statement
      python/wscript: Remove unused format() argument
      source4/scripting/bin: Remove unnecessary global declarations
      python: Remove redundant assignments
      kcc: Don't reuse outer loop variable for inner loop
      python: Use 'is' for identity when comparing against None
      tests/samba-tool user_wdigest: Remove unused imports
      tests/samba-tool user_wdigest: Fix flapping test
      tests/samba-tool user_wdigest: Add accounts to local database
      tests/samba-tool user_wdigest: Check command results
      tests/samba-tool user: Add test for adding a user over LDAP
      samdb: Avoid half-created accounts
      tests/user_check_password_script: Remove unused imports
      tests/user_check_password_script: Don't try to delete user after failed add
      compression tests: Add additional compression tests
      compression: Use explicit data sizes
      compression: Consistently use PUSH_LE_Uxx macros
      compression: Simplify redundant branches
      compression: Use correct value for nibble_index
      compression: Use correct value for indic_pos
      compression: Simplify code by removing metadata_size variable
      compression: Make use of CHECK_{IN,OUT}PUT_BYTES macros
      compression: Simplify code by making indic_pos an index
      compression: Make use of PUSH_LE_Uxx macros
      compression: Remove redundant nibble_index check
      compression: Add range check for indic_pos
      compression: Remove redundant bounds check
      compression: Remove byte_left variable
      compression: Fix writing output flags
      compression: Remove helper variables str1 and str2
      compression: Add bounds check for first output buffer write
      compression: Use PUSH_LE_U32 for first output buffer write
      compression: Reduce scope of variables
      compression: Remove unneeded loop variable
      compression: Replace divisions with shifts
      compression: Use correct values for max len and offset
      compression: Move maximum length calculation out of inner loop

Martin Schwenke (12):
      ctdb-mutex: Don't pass NULL to tevent_req_is_unix_error()
      ctdb-locking: Don't pass NULL to tevent_req_is_unix_error()
      ctdb-tests: Use test_case() to help document test cases
      ctdb-build: Drop unnecessary uses of include/ sub-directory
      build: Add missing ctdb-client dependencies
      ctdb-tests: Provide a method to dump the stack on abort
      ctdb-tests: Add backtrace on abort to some tests
      ctdb-daemon: Log per-database summary of resent calls
      ctdb-daemon: Remove unused #includes of rb_tree.h
      ctdb-doc: Fix typos in the policy routing documentation
      ctdb-recoverd: Do not ban on unknown error when taking cluster lock
      ctdb-tests: Fix a cut and paste error in a comment

Matt Suiche (5):
      compression tests: add LZXpress tests based on [MS-XCA]
      compression tests: add test for legacy compressed data
      compression: fix lzxpress_decompress
      compression: lzxpress_compress: fix no-op shift of 0
      compression: fix lzxpress-compress

Michael Tokarev (1):
      s3/util/py_net.c: fix samba-tool domain join&leave segfault

Noel Power (2):
      s3/script/tests: Test smbclient -E redirects output to stderr
      s3/client: Restore '-E' handling

Pavel Březina (1):
      s3:winbindd add "'winbind debug traceid" support via tevent tracing

Pavel Filipenský (23):
      s3:lib: fix trailing whitespaces
      s3:lib: reset all tevent trace callbacks in reinit_after_fork()
      debug: fix trailing whitespace
      debug: add debug_traceid_set/get() interface
      docs-xml: document "winbind debug traceid" in smb.conf
      winbind: enable "debug traceid" in main winbindd
      winbind: send "debug traceid" from winbindd parent to child
      libcli: Fix trailing whitespace in netlogon.c
      libcli: Covscan: unchecked return value for file_save()
      s4:libcli: Fix trailing whitespace in netlogon.c
      s4:libcli: Covscan: unchecked return value for file_save()
      s4:libcli: Fix trailing whitespace in browse.c
      s4:libcli: Covscan: unchecked return value for file_save()
      ctdb: Fix trailing whitespace in rb_tree.c
      ctdb: Covscan: unchecked return value for trbt_traversearray32()
      auth: Fix trailing whitespace in pycredentials.c
      auth: Covscan: unchecked return value for cli_credentials_set_smb_encryption()
      s3:libsmb: Covscan: unchecked return value for cli_credentials_set_smb_encryption()
      s3:smbd Fix trailing whitespace in files.c
      s3:smbd: Covscan: remove dead code
      s3:lib: Fix use_after_free: Using freed pointer "p"
      python/gp_cert_auto_enroll: Fix bitwise test in expression
      py:gpo: Fix testing of 0x8000 bit

Ralph Boehme (16):
      CI: use native Python functions to detect system and release
      smbd: add fstat_before_close fsp flag and logic
      smbd: pass fsp as pointer-pointer to smbd_smb2_close()
      smbd: optimize and streamline smbd_smb2_close()
      vfs_gpfs: indentation and README.Coding fixes
      vfs_gpfs: pass fsp to gpfsacl_emu_chmod()
      vfs_gpfs: pass fsp to gpfs_get_nfs4_acl()
      vfs_gpfs: pass fsp to gpfsacl_get_posix_acl()
      vfs_gpfs: use fsp in gpfsacl_get_posix_acl()
      vfs_gpfs: pass fsp to vfs_gpfs_getacl()
      vfs_gpfs: pass fsp to gpfs_getacl_with_capability()
      lib/util/gpfswrap: add gpfswrap_fgetacl()
      vfs_gpfs: finally: use gpfswrap_fgetacl() instead of gpfswrap_getacl()
      lib/util/gpfswrap: remove unused gpfswrap_getacl()
      vfs_gpfs: use handle based gpfswrap_get_winattrs()
      lib/util/gpfswrap: remove unused gpfswrap_get_winattrs_path()

Samuel Cabrero (38):
      s3:winbind: Fix uninitialized validation_level variable
      s3:winbind: Do not use domain's private data to store the SAMR pipes
      s3:winbind: Simplify open_cached_internal_pipe_conn()
      s3:winbind: Do not use domain's private data to store the ADS_STRUCT
      s3:winbind: Remove no longer used domain's private_data pointer
      selftest: Use selftest's TMPDIR to store the krb5 ccache in pam_winbind tests
      selftest: Use selftest's TMPDIR to store the krb5 ccache in pam_winbind_setcred test
      s3:winbind: Pass the challenge to winbind_dual_SamLogon() as a data blob
      s3:winbind: Remove unnecesary condition to reduce indentation level
      s3:winbind: Remove unnecessary jump to label
      s3:winbind: Use uint8_t for authoritative flag
      s3:winbind: Move big NTLMv2 blob checks to parent process
      s3:rpc_client: Fix memory allocation hierarchy
      s3:winbind: Use temp memory context in winbindd_pam_auth_pac_verify()
      s3:winbind: Refactor winbindd_pam_auth_crap_{send,recv}
      s3:winbind: Refactor winbindd_pam_auth_crap_{send,recv}
      s3:winbind: Convert PAM_AUTH_CRAP from struct based to NDR based
      examples: Update winbind.stp and generate script
      s3:winbind: Remove unused functions
      examples: Update winbind.stp, delete removed functions
      librpc:idl: Add NDR_SECRET flag for ntlm and challenge blobs
      s3:winbind: Convert PamLogOff from struct based to ndr based
      examples: Update winbind.stp
      s3:winbind: Convert winbindd_dual_pam_chng_pswd_auth_crap() from struct based to NDR based
      examples: Update winbind.stp
      s3:winbind: Split getting and filling the password policy info
      s3:winbind: Convert winbindd_dual_pam_chauthtok() from struct based to NDR based
      examples: Update winbind.stp
      s3:winbind: Move winbindd_dual_init_connection() function
      s3:winbind: Fix code format and use newer debug macros
      s3:winbind: Create a binding handle for each child
      s3:winbind: Convert InitConnection from struct based to NDR based
      examples: Update winbind.stp
      s3:winbind: Remove struct winbindd_child_dispatch_table
      s3:libads: Print 'gc' and 'no_fallback' fields in ndr_print_ads_struct()
      s3:libnet: Fix talloc frame not freed in order
      s3:libads: Clear previous CLDAP ping flags when reusing the ADS_STRUCT
      selftests: Convert "net ads dns async" test to python

Stefan Metzmacher (10):
      librpc:idl: Add comments to assert identity string in security.idl
      python:tests: Fix standalone run of kdc_tgs_tests
      python:tests: Add support to print krb5 keys as string
      python:tests: Allow to print krb5 encryption keys as string
      python:tests: Reorder variables
      script/autobuild.py: allow to run from within git rebase -i
      lib/util: add tests for data_blob_append() with the resulting blob length=0
      lib/util: data_blob_append() should not fail if both parts have length=0
      libcli/smb: allow SMB2 Negotiate responses with security_offset = 0 and security_length = 0
      talloc: version 2.3.4

Uri Simchoni (3):
      [ci-images] use podman instead of docker
      [ci-images] run podman directly instead of docker link
      [ci-images] remove use of sudo in image building smoke test

Volker Lendecke (62):
      vfs: Remove unused last_lock_failure from files_struct
      dsdb: Fix a typo
      passdb: Fix a typo
      ldap_server: Fix typos
      ldb: Avoid "==true/false" in a boolean expression
      ldb: Save a few lines with TALLOC_FREE()
      ldb: Introduce "colon" variable in ldb_module_connect_backend()
      passdb: Split lines in make_pdb_method_name()
      passdb: Introduce helper variables in make_pdb_method_name()
      lib: Remove an unused includes.h
      lib: Remove an unneeded includes.h
      lib: Remove an unneeded includes.h
      lib: Remove an unneeded includes.h
      lib: Remove an unneeded includes.h
      lib: Remove smb_threads from includes.h
      ldb: Avoid an "else"
      smbd: fd_handle.h does not need includes.h
      smbd: Remove unused arguments from dup_file_fsp()
      smbd: Slightly simplify call_trans2qpipeinfo()
      smbd: Pass up stat-info from openat_pathref_fsp() on error
      smbd: Add openat_internal_dir_from_pathref()
      smbd: Add OpenDir_from_pathref
      smbd: Introduce get_real_filename_full_scan_at()
      smbd: Add get_real_filename_at()
      vfs: Implement ceph_snap_gmt_get_real_filename_at()
      vfs: Implement vfs_gluster_fuse_get_real_filename_at()
      vfs: Implement vfs_gluster_get_real_filename_at()
      vfs: Implement vfs_gpfs_get_real_filename_at()
      vfs: Implement shadow_copy2_get_real_filename_at()
      vfs: Implement snapper_gmt_get_real_filename_at()
      smbd: Use SMB_VFS_GET_REAL_FILENAME_AT() in dptr_ReadDirName()
      vfs: Remove name-based SMB_VFS_GET_REAL_FILENAME()
      Revert "vfs: remove dirfsp arg from SMB_VFS_CREATE_FILE()"
      smbd: Pass dirfsp to create_file_unixpath()
      smbd: Only create an artificial dirfsp when necessary
      smbd: Add filename_convert_dirfsp()
      smbd: Use filename_convert_dirfsp() in reply_ntcreate_and_X()
      smbd: Use filename_convert_dirfsp() in smbd_smb2_create_send()
      selftest: Test for bug 15062 -- list "username" in netshareenum
      srvsvc: Add a central return point to init_srv_share_info_ctr()
      srvsvc: Announce [username] in NetShareEnum
      smbd: Simplify copy_file()
      smbd: Simplify copy_file()
      registry3: Align some integer types
      srvsvcd: Use UINT32_MAX where appropriate
      srvsvcd: Fix shareinfo2 max_connections calculation
      srvsvcd: Align integer types
      srvsvcd: Directly initialize variables in count_for_all_fn()
      srvsvcd: Avoid an "else" due to the early return
      srvsvcd: Silence a integer type warning
      winbind: Create local krb5.conf for idmap backend ad
      smbd: Remove unused smb_bufrem() macro
      smbd: Move message_push_string() to smb1_utils.c
      lsa_server4: Simplify get_tdo() with dom_sid_str_buf()
      lsa_server4: Simplify get_tdo() with talloc_asprintf_addbuf()
      smbd: Fix CID 1504457 Resource leak
      smbd: Fix a typo
      vfs: Remove a typedef
      lib: Slightly simplify is_ntfs_stream_smb_fname()
      winbindd: Remove a "wrong" error message


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