[SCM] Samba Shared Repository - branch master updated

Andreas Schneider asn at samba.org
Tue Jan 14 15:19:03 UTC 2020

The branch, master has been updated
       via  dc74b437c2e docs-xml: 'mangled names = illegal' is the new default
      from  de768710e16 tests/DNS: add MX/SRV record tests with multiple spaces


- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
commit dc74b437c2ed245a7baeee633efba37909761d4b
Author: Andreas Schneider <asn at samba.org>
Date:   Tue Jan 14 14:36:52 2020 +0100

    docs-xml: 'mangled names = illegal' is the new default
    Signed-off-by: Andreas Schneider <asn at samba.org>
    Reviewed-by: Ralph Boehme <slow at samba.org>
    Autobuild-User(master): Andreas Schneider <asn at cryptomilk.org>
    Autobuild-Date(master): Tue Jan 14 15:18:02 UTC 2020 on sn-devel-184


Summary of changes:
 docs-xml/smbdotconf/filename/manglednames.xml | 4 ++--
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

Changeset truncated at 500 lines:

diff --git a/docs-xml/smbdotconf/filename/manglednames.xml b/docs-xml/smbdotconf/filename/manglednames.xml
index d6a5cf0ac15..aac0a6dbe00 100644
--- a/docs-xml/smbdotconf/filename/manglednames.xml
+++ b/docs-xml/smbdotconf/filename/manglednames.xml
@@ -15,14 +15,14 @@
 	<para>Possible option settings are</para>
-		<listitem><para><emphasis>yes (default)</emphasis> -
+		<listitem><para><emphasis>yes</emphasis> -
 		enables name mangling for all not DOS 8.3 conforming
 		<listitem><para><emphasis>no</emphasis> - disables any
 		name mangling.</para></listitem>
-		<listitem><para><emphasis>illegal</emphasis> - does
+		<listitem><para><emphasis>illegal (default)</emphasis> - does
 		mangling for names with illegal NTFS characters. This
 		is the most sensible setting for modern clients that
 		don't use the shortname anymore.</para></listitem>

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