[SCM] Samba Shared Repository - annotated tag ldb-2.1.1 created

Karolin Seeger kseeger at samba.org
Tue Feb 25 14:13:08 UTC 2020

The annotated tag, ldb-2.1.1 has been created
        at  5361662f22edec0a6e1cafb1036bc4188185c658 (tag)
   tagging  0ca46a37268c8219192abc3ab5f2546a02ed8862 (commit)
  replaces  samba-4.12.0rc1
 tagged by  Karolin Seeger
        on  Tue Feb 25 15:13:02 2020 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
ldb: tag release ldb-2.1.1


Amitay Isaacs (1):
      ctdb-common: Remove signed/unsigned comparisons

Andreas Schneider (25):
      nsswitch: Fix username in wbinfo -K output
      selftest: Add user joe
      selftest: Add a group 'Samba Users'
      selftest: Make 'Samba Users' the primary group of joe
      nsswitch:tests: Add test to check correct group lookup with samlogon cache
      lib:util: Log mkdir error on correct debug levels
      s4:torture: Skip the deltest20 as user root
      libcli:smb: Improve check for gnutls_aead_cipher_(en|de)cryptv2
      wafsamba: Do not use 'rU' as the 'U' is deprecated in Python 3.9
      s3:lib: Use a static buffer for (local|remote)_machine
      s3:lib: Remove unneded call to set_local_machine_name()
      s3:tests: Add smbclient test for 'force create mode = 0664'
      s3:tests: Add test for a dropbox with dir mode 0733
      lib:util: Add bytearray.h
      lib:util: Add test to verify old and new macros are the same
      lib:util: Use _DATA_BYTE(_CONST) from bytearray.h
      lib:util: Use PULL_LE_(U16|U32) for SVAL and IVAL
      lib:util: Use PUSH_LE_(U16|U32) for S(S|I)VAL
      lib:util: Use PUSH_LE_(U16|U32) for S(I|S)VALS
      lib:util: Use (PULL|PUSH)_BE_(U16|U32|U64) for R*VAL*
      lib:util: Add comments to use bytearray.h to byteorder.h
      librpc:ndr: Use bytearray.h in ndr_basic.c
      librpc:ndr: Remove byteorder.h from libndr.h
      lib:util: Do not expose internal header files
      lib:util: Add (PULL|PUSH)_(BE|LE)_I(8|16|32|64) byterarray macros

Andrew Bartlett (12):
      build: Do not check if system perl modules should be bundled
      bootstrap: Remove un-used dependency python3-crypto
      source4/scripting/bin: Swap machine account password scripts
      dsdb: Correctly handle memory in objectclass_attrs
      selftest: Test behaviour of DNS scavenge with an existing dNSTombstoned value
      auth/credentials: Test connecting to LDAP with a "virtual user" style account
      s4-auth: Allow simple bind login of a user with an @ in the samAccountName
      ldb: Add tests for one-level indexes in conjunction with other indexes
      ldb: Add tests aimed at the SCOPE_ONELEVEL particular
      ldb: Ensure @IDXONE modes is tested in ldb.python (apy.py) tests
      ldb: Fix search with scope ONE and small result sets
      ldb: Add tests aimed at the SCOPE_ONELEVEL bug in particular

Christof Schmitt (8):
      vfs_gpfs: Remove call to linux_set_lease_capability
      vfs_gpfs: Reformat function definition of vfs_gpfs_setlease
      vfs_gpfs: Remove function call from "if" statement
      vfs_gpfs: Change lease helper function to only provide mapping
      vfs_gpfs: Cleanup lease mapping function
      smbd: Remove unused function linux_set_lease_capability
      smbd: Remove unused define
      vfs_gpfs: Preserve errno across unbecome_root call

David Mulder (1):
      s4:torture: Convert samba4.base.charset test to smb2

Douglas Bagnall (17):
      pidl/wscript: configure should insist on Parse::Yapp::Driver
      selftest: enable perl warnings
      selftest/target/samba: avoid overwriting $pkinitdir
      selftest: avoid redeclaring perl variables
      selftest/s4: properly initialise an empty hash
      selftest/s4: don't put pcap file in / by default
      selftest/s4: remove illegal function signature
      selftest/s3: actually close parent copy of smbd's STDIN
      selftest/s3: prefer empty string over undef to add nothing to config
      selftest/target/samba: add missing methods
      selftest/target/samba: do not look for undef environment
      selftest: avoid comparison against undefined value
      selftest: simplify logic in setup_env
      nmblib: avoid undefined behaviour in handle_name_ptrs()
      pytests: heed assertEquals deprecation warning en-masse
      python: use raw string for regex with escape
      samba-tool gpo: tighter matching for ini names

Gary Lockyer (8):
      librpc ndr: Heap-buffer-overflow in lzxpress_decompress
      librpc ndr tests: uint32 overflow in NDR_PULL_ALIGN
      librpc ndr: NDR_PULL_ALIGN check for unsigned overflow
      librpc ndr tests: Unsigned overflow in ndr_pull_advance
      librpc ndr: ndr_pull_advance check for unsigned overflow.
      libprc ndr tests: Fix ndrdump test ntlmssp_CHALLENGE_MESSAGE
      librpc ndr: Change loop index to size_t
      samba-tool domain join: remove sub domain join code

Günther Deschner (2):
      krb5-wrap: deal with different krb5_trace_info struct flavors (earlier MIT krb5 releases)
      lib/util: use better linux os detection in gpfs configure

Jeremy Allison (28):
      s3: lib: nmblib. Clean up and harden nmb packet processing.
      lib: asn1.c: Prevent ASN1_ENUMERATED from wrapping.
      s3: VFS: Implement create_dfs_pathat() in catia.
      s3: VFS: Implement create_dfs_pathat() in catia.
      s3: lib: Now remote_machine is static, we can depend on it being non-NULL.
      s3: DFS: Don't allow link creation on a read-only share.
      s3: DFS: Don't allow link deletion on a read-only share.
      s3: smbd: dfs: Cleanup, reformat calls to parse_msdfs_symlink()
      s3: smbd: dfs: Move lp_msdfs_shuffle_referrals() call out of parse_msdfs_symlink().
      s3: smbd: dfs: Make parse_msdfs_symlink() external.
      s3: smbd: dfs: Apply some README.Coding to parse_msdfs_symlink().
      s3: smbd: dfs: Allow parse_msdfs_symlink() to be called with NULL pointers.
      s3: smbd: dfs: Make parameter names consistent.
      s3: smbd: dfs: Clean up exits / talloc heirarchy in parse_msdfs_symlink().
      s3: VFS: ceph: Add vfswrap_ceph_read_dfs_pathat().
      s3: VFS: gluster: Add vfs_gluster_read_dfs_pathat().
      s3: VFS: shadow_copy2: Add shadow_copy2_read_dfs_pathat().
      s3: VFS: cap: Add cap_read_dfs_pathat().
      s3: VFS: catia: Add read_dfs_pathat().
      s3: VFS: vfs_full_audit: Add read_dfs_pathat().
      s3: VFS: vfs_time_audit: Add read_dfs_pathat().
      s3: DFS: Change simple is_msdfs_link() call to use SMB_VFS_READ_DFS_PATHAT().
      s3: DFS: Parse the returned target path in dfs_path_lookup().
      s3: DFS: Change dfs_path_lookup() to return struct referral list and count directly.
      s3: DFS: Replace calls to is_msdfs_link_internal() inside dfs_path_lookup() with SMB_VFS_READ_DFS_PATHAT().
      s3: DFS: Change the last use of is_msdfs_link_internal() -> SMB_VFS_READ_DFS_PATHAT() inside form_junctions().
      s3: DFS: Remove is_msdfs_link_internal() - no longer used.

Karolin Seeger (1):
      script/release.sh: Don't use quotations any longer.

Martin Schwenke (33):
      ctdb-daemon: Only stop monitoring if it has been initialised
      ctdb-daemon: Shut down if interactive and stdin is closed
      ctdb-tests: Don't close stdin when starting local daemons
      ctdb-tests: Enable job control when keeping stdin open
      Revert "ctdb-tests: Enable job control when keeping stdin open"
      ctdb-tests: Redirect stdin from /dev/null when running a test
      ctdb-tests: Don't actually close stdin in fake ssh
      ctdb-daemon: Pass more information to ctdb_start_daemon()
      ctdb-daemon: Make some conditions more explicit
      ctdb-daemon: Fork when not interactive and test mode is enabled
      ctdb-tests: Make $ctdb_dir absolute
      ctdb-tests: Use $PWD/bin/ if it exists when running in-tree
      ctdb-tools: When in test mode set process group in top-level ctdb tool
      ctdb-tools: Allow shorter runtime limit to be specified
      ctdb-tests: Add some tool unit tests to ensure that timeouts work
      ctdb-tcp: Make error handling for outbound connection consistent
      ctdb-tests: Fix return value of DB test tool delete command
      ctdb-tests: Increase to dumping up to 500 lines of logs on error
      ctdb-tests: Use select_test_node()
      ctdb-tests: Use a here document to improve readability
      ctdb-tests: Fix handling of --no-event-scripts option
      ctdb-tests: Fix getdbmap test so that it actually works sanely
      ctdb-daemon: Check for lock count underflow
      ctdb-daemon: Fix signed/unsigned comparison
      ctdb-tests: Rationalise node stop/start/restart
      ctdb-tests: Avoid shutdown error when daemon already cleanly shut down
      ctdb-tests: Dump logs on shutdown failure
      ctdb-tests: Flag setup, startup, shutdown failures as test errors
      ctdb-docs: Provide example commands for "ctdb event ..."
      selftest: Fix an uninitialised variable warning.
      selftest: net command needs to think it is root in clustered case
      selftest:clusteredmember: Build a unclist for every share
      selftest: Run a clustered test

Michael Adam (1):
      selftest:Samba3: add a clusteredmember environment

Ralph Boehme (15):
      smbd: setting current_user stuff here is redundant
      lib/util: add talloc_alpha_strcpy()
      s3/auth: use talloc_alpha_strcpy() in create_local_token()
      s3:auth: use talloc_alpha_strcpy() in auth3_session_info_create()
      s3/lib: use talloc_alpha_strcpy() in set_local_machine_name()
      s3/lib: use talloc_alpha_strcpy() in set_remote_machine_name()
      s3/lib: use talloc_alpha_strcpy() in sub_set_smb_name()
      s3/rpc_server: use talloc_alpha_strcpy() in _winreg_InitiateSystemShutdownEx()
      s4/auth: use talloc_alpha_strcpy() in auth_session_info_fill_unix()
      smbd: remove sub_set_smb_name()/reload_services()
      s3/rpc_server/netlogon: use set_current_user_info() in _netr_LogonSamLogon_base()
      s3/auth: use set_current_user_info() in auth3_generate_session_info_pac()
      s3/auth: use set_current_user_info() in auth3_check_password_send()
      s3/lib: RIP smb_user_name
      smbd: avoid double chdir() in chdir_current_service()

Ralph Wuerthner (10):
      gpfswrap: Remove unused wrapper gpfswrap_getfilesetid()
      gpfswrap: Make pathname "const char *" in gpfswrap_getacl()
      gpfswrap: Make pathname "const char *" in gpfswrap_putacl()
      gpfswrap: Make pathname "const char *" in gpfswrap_get_realfilename_path()
      gpfswrap: Make pathname "const char *" in gpfswrap_set_winattrs_path()
      gpfswrap: Make pathname "const char *" in gpfswrap_get_winattrs_path()
      gpfswrap: Make pathname "const char *" in gpfswrap_quotactl()
      vfs_gpfs: Remove discard_const_p() from gpfswrap_quotactl() calls
      vfs_gpfs: Remove discard_const_p() from gpfs_putacl() calls
      vfs_gpfs: Remove discard_const_p() from gpfswrap_quotactl() calls

Stefan Metzmacher (42):
      VERSION: Bump version up to 4.13.0pre1...
      WHATSNEW: Start release notes for Samba 4.13.0pre1.
      script/release.sh: make it possible to run from a git worktree
      s4:rpc_server/lsa: remove some useless talloc_reference() calls
      libcli/nbt: avoid talloc_reference() in nbt_name_*_send()
      s4:param: add secrets_db_create() helper function
      s4:param: make use of secrets_db_create() in provision_store_self_join()
      s4:param: make sure secrets_db_connect() no longer creates on empty secrets.ldb
      s3:auth_sam: replace confusing FALL_THROUGH; with break;
      s3:auth_sam: unify the debug messages of all auth_sam*_auth() functions
      s3:auth_sam: make sure we never handle empty usernames
      s3:auth_sam: introduce effective_domain helper variables
      s3:selftest: test authentication with an empty userdomain and upn names
      s3:auth_sam: map an empty domain or '.' to the local SAM name
      winbindd: handling missing idmap in getgrgid()
      s4:torture: make rpc.handles.random-assoc test even more robust
      s3:rpclient: simplify rpc_tstream_next_vector()
      selftest: force LC_ALL=en_US.utf8 LANG=en_US.utf8
      selftest: move {setup,cleanup}_pcap() to selftest/target/Samba.pm
      selftest: create pcap files for invidual env services
      selftest: create a pcap file for the environment setup
      smb2_server: use sendmsg/recvmsg instead of writev/readv
      libcli:smb: Don't use forward declartions for GnuTLS typedefs
      auth/kerberos: add auth4_context_{for,get}_PAC_DATA_CTR() helpers
      s3:libads: make use auth4_context_{for,get}_PAC_DATA_CTR() in kerberos_return_pac()
      lib/krb5_wrap: prefer new enctyptes in ms_suptypes_to_ietf_enctypes()
      s3:libads: prefer ENCTYPE_AES256_CTS_HMAC_SHA1_96 in ads_keytab_add_entry()
      s4:gensec_krb5: make use of struct samba_sockaddr
      s4:gensec_krb5: make use of talloc_zero() in gensec_krb5_start()
      s4:gensec_krb5: remove unused argument of gensec_krb5_common_client_creds()
      smbspool: use one element per line for the auth_errors array
      smbspool: add more error codes to the auth_errors array
      winbindd_cm: fallback to anonymous for INVALID_COMPUTER_NAME and NO_SUCH_DOMAIN too
      gensec/spnego: fallback on INVALID_{ACCOUNT,COMPUTER}_NAME and NO_SUCH_DOMAIN
      krb5_wrap: move source3/libads/krb5_errs.c to lib/krb5_wrap/krb5_errs.c
      lib/replace: remove unused check for aio.h
      bootstrap: replace libaio-dev/libaio-devel with liburing-dev/liburing-devel
      s3:modules: add vfs_io_uring module
      ldb: version 2.1.1

Volker Lendecke (61):
      smbd: Call string_term_tdb_data() once instead of 6 times
      librpc: Fix a gcc warning
      librpc: Use the MAX() macro where appropriate
      smbclient: Fix a typo
      librpc: Use PRIu32 printf specifiers
      dbwrap: Do direct struct initalization in db_ctdb_store_db_seqnum()
      tdb: Align integer types
      selftest: Factor out create_file_chmod()
      selftest: Convert Samba3::provision() to named parameters
      selftest: Close STDIN_PIPE's write end for skipped daemons
      selftest: Exit skipped daemons on close(STDIN)
      passdb: Use struct allocation
      libcli: Align integer types
      lib: Align integer types
      auth3: Fix a typo
      libsmb: Fix a typo
      ctdb-test: Fix a typo
      libsmb: Remove "const" from smb_create_blob->tag
      libsmb: Add required includes to smb2_create_blob.h
      libsmb: Add required #includes to smb_util.h
      libsmb: Add posix create context definition
      libsmb: Allow passing in NULL to smb2_create_blob_find()
      libsmb: Add smb2_create_blob_remove()
      smbd: Ignore incoming POSIX create context
      smbd: Add make_smb2_posix_create_ctx()
      smbd: Make unix_perms_from_wire() public
      smbd: Add a "done:" exit for get_posix_fsp()
      smbd: Add posix create ctx to CREATE_FILE for posix operations
      smbd: Allow a Posix create context to override the unix mode
      smbd: Remove overriding file_attributes with unix_mode in the VFS
      dbwrap: Improve an error message
      smbclient: Don't cli_posix_stat() twice
      smbclient4: Remove unused code
      auth: Fix CID 1458420 Null pointer dereferences (REVERSE_INULL)
      auth: Fix CID 1458418 Null pointer dereferences (REVERSE_INULL)
      gensec: Fix CID 1458421 OVERRUN
      gensec: Fix CID 1458419 Control flow issues (NO_EFFECT)
      lib: Simplify register_msg_pool_usage()
      lib: Add a TALLOC_CTX to base register_msg_pool_usage() on
      lib: Introduce messaging_context->per_process_talloc_ctx
      lib: Fix a shutdown crash with "clustering = yes"
      lib: Fix rotating nonstandard debug class log files
      smbd: Fix a typo
      torture4: Use strlcpy() with size check instead of snprintf()
      torture4: Align integer types
      lib: Remove unneded #include malloc.h
      selftest: Allow "netbios name" to be overriden in Samba3::provision()
      selftest: Add "share_dir" as an argument to Samba3::provision()
      selftest: Fix a warning message
      selftest: Parameterize clean up in the child process
      selftest: Convert Samba3::check_or_start() to named parameters
      selftest: Allow passing fork_and_exec()'s child_cleanup
      selftest: Split up a long line
      autobuild: Avoid clusteredmember in normal environments
      autobuild: Run a simple test for clustered samba
      autobuild: Split a long line
      autobuild: samba-ctdb does not need an AD DC
      test: Intercept open in vfs_error_inject
      test: Show that smbd does not handle EINTR from open() correctly
      smbd: Separate aio_pthread indicator from normal EINTR


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