[SCM] Samba Shared Repository - annotated tag samba-4.9.7 created

Karolin Seeger kseeger at samba.org
Wed May 1 05:58:48 UTC 2019

The annotated tag, samba-4.9.7 has been created
        at  198a86adf621fda0a372e04095cc83d9aa4529f0 (tag)
   tagging  c8e9b9fe7ccb3e5ef03b9f8fedf29a74b4f5ccae (commit)
  replaces  samba-4.9.6
 tagged by  Karolin Seeger
        on  Wed May 1 07:58:23 2019 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
samba: tag release samba-4.9.7


Amitay Isaacs (1):
      ctdb-common: Avoid race between fd and signal events

Andreas Schneider (15):
      lib:util: Move debug message for mkdir failing to log level 1
      s3:script: Fix jobid check in test_smbspool.sh
      s3:client: Pass DEVICE_URI and AUTH_INFO_REQUIRED env to smbspool
      s3:client: Evaluate the AUTH_INFO_REQUIRED variable set by cups
      s3:client: Make sure we work on a copy of the title
      s3:client: Fix smbspool device uri handling
      s4:librpc: Fix installation of Samba
      s3:waf: Fix the detection of makdev() macro on Linux
      s3:lib: Fix the debug message for adding cache entries.
      docs: Update smbclient manpage for --max-protocol
      s3:libads: Print more information when LDAP fails
      s3:libsmb: Add some useful debug output to cliconnect
      auth:creds: Prefer the principal over DOMAIN/username when using NTLM
      s3:libnet: Use more secure name for the JOIN krb5.conf
      s3:libads: Make sure we can lookup KDCs which are not configured

Andrew Bartlett (2):
      regfio: Update code near recent changes to match README.Coding
      regfio tests: Update comment style to match README.Coding

Anoop C S (2):
      s3/vfs_glusterfs_fuse: Dynamically determine NAME_MAX
      s3/vfs_glusterfs: Dynamically determine NAME_MAX

Christof Schmitt (7):
      passdb: Update ABI to 0.27.2
      lib/winbind_util: Move include out of ifdef
      lib/winbind_util: Add winbind_xid_to_sid for --without-winbind
      memcache: Introduce struct for storing talloc pointer
      memcache: Properly track the size of talloc objects
      memcache: Increase size of default memcache to 512k
      torture: Add test for talloc size accounting in memcache

David Disseldorp (3):
      vfs_snapper: drop unneeded fstat handler
      vfs_ceph: explicitly enable libcephfs POSIX ACL support
      docs/vfs_ceph: describe new ACL behaviour

Douglas Bagnall (3):
      py/graph: use 2.6 compatible check for set membership
      py/kcc_utils: py2.6 compatibility
      py/provision: fix for Python 2.6

Guenther Deschner (3):
      s3:libnet: Fix debug message in libnet_DomainJoin()
      auth:ntlmssp: Add back CRAP ndr debug output
      s3:ldap: Leave add machine code early for pre-existing accounts

G√ľnther Deschner (4):
      WHATSNEW: mention new vfs_glusterfs_fuse module
      s3-libnet_join: always pass down admin domain to ads layer
      s3-libnet_join: setup libnet join error string when AD connect fails
      s3-libnet_join: allow fallback to NTLMSSP auth in libnet_join

Karolin Seeger (5):
      VERSION: Bump version up to 4.9.6...
      Merge tag 'samba-4.9.6' into v4-9-test
      VERSION: Bump version up to 4.9.7.
      WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.9.7.
      VERSION: Disable GIT_SNAPSHOT for the 4.9.7 release.

Marcos Mello (1):
      Send status to systemd on daemon start

Martin Schwenke (14):
      ctdb-packaging: ctdb package should not own system library directory
      ctdb-packaging: Test package requires tcpdump
      ctdb-tests: Add some testing for IPv4-mapped IPv6 address parsing
      ctdb-scripts: Reindent some functions prior to making changes
      ctdb-scripts: Rename variable nfslock_service to nfs_lock_service
      ctdb-scripts: Add test variable CTDB_NFS_DISTRO_STYLE
      ctdb-scripts: Factor out nfs_load_config()
      ctdb-scripts: Stop/start mount/rquotad/status via NFS call-out
      ctdb-scripts: Start NFS quota service if defined
      ctdb-scripts: Add systemd services to NFS call-out
      ctdb-tests: Update NFS test infrastructure to support systemd services
      ctdb-scripts: Allow load_system_config() to take multiple alternatives
      ctdb-scripts: Update statd-callout to try several configuration files
      ctdb-daemon: Revert "We can not assume that just because we could complete a TCP handshake"

Michael Hanselmann (4):
      Fix typos in "valid"
      regfio: Use correct function names in debug information
      regfio: Add trivial unit test
      regfio: Improve handling of malformed registry hive files

Noel Power (2):
      python/samba: PY3 port for ridalloc_exop test to work
      python/samba: extra ndr_unpack needs bytes function

Philipp Gesang (1):
      libcli: permit larger values of DataLength in SMB2_ENCRYPTION_CAPABILITIES of negotiate response

Ralph Boehme (1):
      CI: don't use swap

Stefan Metzmacher (26):
      ndr_spoolss_buf: fix out of scope use of stack variable in NDR_SPOOLSS_PUSH_ENUM_OUT()
      selftest: force running with TZ=UTC
      blackbox/dbcheck-links.sh: reproduce lost deleted object problem
      dsdb:repl_meta_data: allow CONTROL_DBCHECK_FIX_LINK_DN_NAME to by pass rename
      dbcheck: use DSDB_CONTROL_DBCHECK_FIX_LINK_DN_NAME when renaming deleted objects
      dbcheck: do isDeleted, systemFlags and replPropertyMetaData detection first
      dbcheck: don't move already deleted objects to LostAndFound
      dbcheck: don't remove dangling one-way links on already deleted objects
      dbcheck: add find_repl_attid() helper function
      blackbox/dbcheck-links.sh: add regression test for lost deleted object repair
      dbcheck: detect the change after deletion bug
      python/samba/netcmd: provide SUPPRESS_HELP via Option class
      dbcheck: add --selftest-check-expired-tombstones cmdline option
      blackbox/dbcheck*.sh: pass --selftest-check-expired-tombstones to dbcheck
      blackbox/dbcheck-links.sh: prepare regression test for skipping expired tombstones
      dbcheck: don't check expired tombstone objects by default anymore
      dbcheck: use the str() value of the "name" attribute
      smb2_server: allow smbd_smb2_request_pending_queue(0) to avoid STATUS_PENDING
      smb2_sesssetup: avoid STATUS_PENDING responses for session setup
      smb2_tcon: avoid STATUS_PENDING responses for tree connect
      smb2_sesssetup: avoid STATUS_PENDING completely on session logoff
      smb2_tcon: avoid STATUS_PENDING completely on tdis
      vfs_default: fix DEBUG messages in vfswrap_offload_write_*_done()
      vfs_default: fix vfswrap_offload_write_send() NT_STATUS_INVALID_VIEW_SIZE check
      smb2_server: grant all 8192 credits to clients

Volker Lendecke (11):
      lib: Make idmap_cache return negative mappings
      idmap_cache: Only touch "sid" on success in find_xid_to_sid
      winbind: Initialize "expired" parameter to idmap_cache_xid2sid
      winbind: Now we explicitly track if we got ids from cache
      idmap_cache: Introduce idmap_cache_find_xid2sid
      torture: Add tests for idmap cache
      winbind: Use idmap_cache_find_xid2sid
      lib: Introduce winbind_xid_to_sid
      lib: Add dom_sid_str_buf
      passdb: Introduce xid_to_sid
      passdb: Make [ug]id_to_sid use xid_to_sid

Zhu Shangzhong (1):
      ctdb: Initialize addr struct to zero before reparsing as IPV4


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