[SCM] Samba Shared Repository - annotated tag ldb-1.5.5 created

Stefan Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Wed Jul 3 10:42:07 UTC 2019

The annotated tag, ldb-1.5.5 has been created
        at  5d35446d4d90278bbc1f292751e913c9d860e5d9 (tag)
   tagging  8052d52b26f9ed00e1e479e6b0e43e83c26d9b4b (commit)
  replaces  samba-4.10.5
 tagged by  Stefan Metzmacher
        on  Wed Jul 3 12:41:58 2019 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
ldb: tag release ldb-1.5.5


Aaron Haslett (2):
      samdb: test for schemainfo update with relax control
      dsdb:samdb: schemainfo update with relax control

Aliaksei Karaliou (2):
      s3:util: Move popen wrappers to lib/util
      s3:util: Move static file_pload() function to lib/util

Andreas Schneider (11):
      s3:smbspool: Add the 'lp' group to the users groups
      s3:smbspool: Print the principal we use to authenticate with
      s3:smbspool: Add debug for finding KRB5CCNAME
      s3:smbspool: Use %u format specifier to print uid
      s3:smbspool: Fallback to default ccache if KRB5CCNAME is not set
      s3:smbspool: Print the filename we failed to open
      s3:smbspool: Always try to authenticate using Kerberos
      s3:smbspool: Add debug messages to kerberos_ccache_is_valid()
      s3:smbspool: Use NTSTATUS return codes
      s3:client: Link smbspool_krb5_wrapper against krb5samba
      docs: Document DCEPRC binding string for rpcclient

Andrew Bartlett (4):
      s4 dsdb/repl_meta_data: allocate new extended DNs during ADD on a better context
      samba-tool domain provision: Fix --interactive module in python3
      ldb_kv: Skip @ records early in a search full scan
      docs: Improve documentation of "lanman auth" and "ntlm auth" connection

Björn Baumbach (2):
      selftest: add test for samba-tool ntacl get/set --use-ntvfs --xattr-backend=tdb
      python/ntacls: use correct "state directory" smb.conf option instead of "state dir"

Douglas Bagnall (2):
      tests/samba-tool: test dns serverinfo/zoneinfo
      samba-tool dns: use bytes for inet_ntop

Gary Lockyer (4):
      s4 dsdb/repl_meta_data: fix use after free in dsdb_audit_add_ldb_value
      s4 dsdb: fix use after free in samldb_rename_search_base_callback
      ldap tests: test scheme for referrals
      ldap server: generate correct referral schemes

Günther Deschner (4):
      Revert "s3/vfs_glusterfs: Dynamically determine NAME_MAX"
      Revert "s3/vfs_glusterfs_fuse: Dynamically determine NAME_MAX"
      s3/vfs_glusterfs: Avoid using NAME_MAX directly
      s3/vfs_glusterfs_fuse: Avoid using NAME_MAX directly

Jeremy Allison (14):
      s3: winbind: Fix crash when invoking winbind idmap scripts.
      lib: popen: Prepare to remove sys_popen().
      lib: util: Add file_ploadv().
      s3: lib: util: Add file_lines_ploadv().
      s3: smbd: Convert dfree code to use file_lines_ploadv().
      s3: smbd: Convert print_svid code to use file_lines_ploadv().
      s3: smbd: Convert sysquotas.c code to use file_lines_ploadv().
      s3: lib: Remove file_lines_pload().
      lib: util: Remove file_pload()
      s3: lib: Add file_ploadv_send().
      s3: winbind: Convert idmap to use file_ploadv_send().
      s3: lib: Remove file_pload_send().
      lib: util: Finally remove possibilities of using sys_popen() unsafely.
      docs: dfree command. Correct usage of dfree scripts.

Karolin Seeger (5):
      VERSION: Disable GIT_SNAPSHOT for the 4.10.4 release.
      VERSION: Bump version up to 4.10.5...
      Merge tag 'samba-4.10.4' into v4-10-test
      Merge tag 'samba-4.10.5' into v4-10-test
      VERSION: Bump version up to 4.10.6...

Lukas Slebodnik (1):
      wafsamba: Use native waf timer

Rafael David Tinoco via samba-technical (1):
      ctdb-scripts: Fix tcp_tw_recycle existence check

Ralph Boehme (44):
      s3: lib: Rename all uses of file_pload_XXX -> file_ploadv_XXX.
      registry: add a missing include
      s4:torture/vfs/fruit: ensure test_adouble_conversion() uses a non-emtpy resourcefork
      s4:torture/vfs/fruit: ensure test_adouble_conversion_wo_xattr() uses a non-emtpy resourcefork
      selftest: run vfs.fruit test against a share that deletes empty resource forks
      vfs_fruit: add a forward declaration for ad_get()
      vfs_fruit: change trigger points of AppleDouble conversion
      s3:auth: add reinit_guest_session_info()
      s3:smbd: call reinit_guest_session_info() in the conf updated handler
      selftest: allow guest login in the ad_member_idmap_rid env
      tests: add a test for guest authentication
      s3:auth: explicitly add BUILTIN\Guests to the guest token
      vfs_fruit: pass handle to ad_fset()
      vfs_fruit: pass handle to ad_set()
      vfs_fruit: pass handle to ad_read()
      vfs_fruit: pass handle to ad_read_meta()
      vfs_fruit: indentation fix
      vfs_fruit: use proper VFS function in ad_read_meta()
      vfs_fruit: pass handle to ad_read_rsrc() and all the way down
      vfs_fruit: indentation fix
      vfs_fruit: pass handle to ad_convert_xattr()
      vfs_fruit: pass handle to ad_convert_blank_rfork()
      vfs_fruit: pass handle to ad_convert_finderinfo()
      vfs_fruit: pass handle to ad_convert_delete_adfile()
      vfs_fruit: finally, remove ad_handle from struct adouble
      vfs_fruit: add and use is_adouble_file()
      vfs_fruit: add a missing else
      vfs_fruit: ignore AppleDouble files in fruit_unlink()
      vfs_fruit: use correct case FRUIT_RSRC_STREAM in readdir_attr_rfork_size()
      vfs_fruit: use stream code for resource fork size calculation in readdir_attr_rfork_size()
      vfs_fruit: remove now unused AppleDouble code for resource fork in xattr
      vfs_fruit: remove xattr code from the AppleDouble subsystem
      vfs_fruit: pass VFS handle to ad_convert_move_reso()
      vfs_fruit: remove a layer of indirection
      vfs_fruit: only do cross protocol locking on non-internal opens
      vfs_fruit: convert ad_open_rsrc() to open a proper fsp with SMB_VFS_CREATE_FILE()
      vfs_fruit: remove use of mmap() from ad_convert_move_reso()
      vfs_fruit: use fsp and remove mmap in ad_convert_xattr()
      vfs_fruit: add VFS handle to ad_convert_truncate()
      vfs_fruit: use VFS function in ad_convert_truncate()
      vfs_fruit: use fsp and remove syscalls from ad_convert_blank_rfork()
      vfs_fruit: use VFS functions in ad_read_rsrc_adouble()
      vfs_fruit: remove a now unnecessary include
      s3:mdssvc: fix flex compilation error

Shyamsunder Rathi (1):
      s3:loadparm: Ensure to truncate FS Volume Label at multibyte boundary

Stefan Metzmacher (8):
      dsdb/repl: we need to replicate the whole schema before we can apply it
      drsuapi.idl: add DRSUAPI_ATTID_schemaInfo
      ldapcmp: ignore 'schemaInfo' if two domains are compared
      s4:provision: split out provision_self_join_modify_schema.ldif
      python/provision: use provision and relax controls for schema provision
      python/ntacls: we only need security.SEC_STD_READ_CONTROL in order to get the ACL
      dsdb:audit_log: avoid printing "... remote host [Unknown] SID [(NULL SID)] ..."
      ldb: Release ldb 1.5.5

Volker Lendecke (3):
      smbd: Enable "smbd:suicide mode" for smb2
      smbtorture: Add a test to make smbd panic
      smbd: Fix a panic


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