[SCM] Samba Shared Repository - annotated tag samba-4.10.0rc3 created

Karolin Seeger kseeger at samba.org
Fri Feb 22 08:04:06 UTC 2019

The annotated tag, samba-4.10.0rc3 has been created
        at  b708446736b31bbdd058428963bb651b898aebf1 (tag)
   tagging  3d91947b53e78d2b08a8b85726dee8025208d4de (commit)
  replaces  ldb-1.5.3
 tagged by  Karolin Seeger
        on  Fri Feb 22 09:03:41 2019 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
samba: tag release samba-4.10.0rc3


Andreas Schneider (7):
      s3:vfs: Initialize pid to 0 in test_netatalk_lock()
      s3:vfs: Correctly check if OFD locks should be enabled or not
      librpc:ndr: Implement ndr_zero_memory()
      librpc:ndr: Add NDR_ZERO_STRUCT(P) macros
      pidl: Use NDR_ZERO_STRUCT(P) macros
      lib:util: Move discard_const(_p) to own header for libndr.h
      waf: Do not install internal header

Christof Schmitt (1):
      waf: Check for libnscd

David Disseldorp (2):
      printing: drop pcap_cache_loaded() guard around load_printers()
      printing: check lp_load_printers() prior to pcap cache update

G√ľnther Deschner (1):
      s3-smbd: use fruit:model string for mDNS registration

Jeremy Allison (4):
      s3: tests: Add regression test for smbd crash on share force group change with existing connection.
      smbd: uid: Don't crash if 'force group' is added to an existing share connection.
      s3: VFS: vfs_fruit. Fix the NetAtalk deny mode compatibility code.
      s4: torture: vfs_fruit. Change test_fruit_locking_conflict() to match the vfs_fruit working server code.

Karolin Seeger (2):
      WHATSNEW: Add release notes for Samba 4.10.0rc3.
      VERSION: Disable GIT_SNAPSHOT for the 4.10.0rc3 release.

Ralph Boehme (2):
      tldap: avoid a use after free crash
      tldap: avoid more use after free errors

Tim Beale (1):
      WHATSNEW: Add note that python2 support will be dropped on v4.11


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